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Green Smoothie Recipes

How to make green smoothies

Green Smoothie Recipes That Start Your Day Off Perfectly. I wanted to share with you a Green Smoothie Recipe Roundup of the smoothies that I have posted on the blog in the past month.

We had our first green smoothie class tonight, so I thought it was a good time to post.  They are giving me an amazing energy and I don’t feel the same when I skip a day.  I hope you enjoy the green smoothies as much as I do.  You can also read this post on how to make green smoothies.  They are easy to make and a great way to enjoy your veggies each day.  You can also FREEZE Green Smoothies.

One tip that I learned is to use lemon essential oil or lemon rind to take the “bite” out of the greens. I also learned that by adding 1/2 cup or so berries you will turn your smoothie to a beautiful shade of pink, blue or red and it tastes just a little better.  Be sure to buy the following produce organically when making green smoothies if possible and avoid the Dirty Dozen Produce.

Green Smoothie Recipes:

Basic Green Smoothie Recipe

Advanced Green Smoothie Recipe

Cucumber Mango Green Smoothie

Raspberry Pear Green Smoothie

Apple Pie Green Smoothie

Tropical Green Smoothie

Mixed Berry Green Smoothie

Blueberry Delight Green Smoothie

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