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Gluten Free Living Magazine

I am very excited to announce that I have written an article published in Gluten Free Living Magazine this month! Be sure to check out the fall issue, pictured above.

Gluten Free Living Magazine:

About Gluten Free Living:

From the minute you pick up the Fall issue of Gluten-Free Living, you’ll notice we are getting bigger and better. Our redesigned cover features a delicious gluten-free pizza and inside you’ll find a half dozen tempting recipes. Chef Mary Cleaver, a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement talks about buying fresh, local food for your gluten-free meals. And we interview Jules Shepard and John Forberger, the duo behind 1in133, the grassroots gluten-free group, about labeling and more.

You’ll read about food trucks that serve up completely gluten-free menus, get the latest on the gluten-free status of hamburgers and hot dogs, and see how a new player in U.S. market might impact what you pay for gluten-free products.

The magazine has been re-organized and updated in ways that will make it easier for you to get your gluten-free facts, recipes, features, and medical and nutrition news.

Although we have a new look, we continue to publish the best ingredient information, as well as the latest in research news in updated and renamed columns. We’re also excited to add a few new departments including:

• Family Matters, which examines all the way being gluten free impacts families, from kids to seniors.

• Quick and Easy, which highlights a fast, simple recipe that’s also innovative and delicious.

• Beyond Gluten Free, an answer to many reader requests for information that helps those with dietary concerns in addition to gluten free

• Office Hours, which alternately features expert answers to your health questions from a pharmacist, dietitian and physician.

• Savings, now on the last page of every issue, which offers tips on how to save money, effort, time and more while living gluten free.

Check it out and purchase your copy at GlutenFreeLiving.com

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