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Gluten Free Basket


Check out this Gluten Free Basket idea! I think that when you get your diagnosis it is so hard to know what to eat and what to do.  It is really overwhelming and there were many days I would just go stand at the pantry and then walk away empty handed.

Gluten Free Basket:

One of the best tips of advice that I can give you is to create a basket for yourself. You need a “go to” area in your pantry that is “safe” for you to consume.

I had this large basket and claimed it as my Gluten Free Basket. I filled it FULL of Gluten Free snacks and goodies that I can eat when I am at home or grab for on the go. It is truly my salvation. If you are Gluten Free and your family is not, then you need a special spot in your pantry to call your own. This is mine. I know that anything I choose out of this basket is safe for me to eat and my family knows it is all MINE and they don’t eat my Gluten Free goodies.

You may want to check this extensive list of Gluten Free Brands so you have some ideas of what to fill your Gluten Free Basket with.

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  1. What a great idea! Your stuff has already helped me so much! I am pretty new to this. And as a couponer and mom of 7, I had no idea how this was going to work in a kid friendly and budget friendly way. Especially since the first GF things were dreadful! I am slowly but surely figuring it out.

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