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Gigi’s Cupcakes offers Gluten Free Friday’s

Gigi's Cupcakes offers Gluten Free Friday's

Gigi’s Cupcakes offer Gluten-Free cupcakes on their menu!  Every Friday is Gluten-Free Fridays and you can also order for special occasions! Each Friday they serve three gluten-free cupcakes including Birthday Surprise, White Hot Chocolate and Wedding Cake.  Many of the stores are offering other gluten-free cupcakes regularly, some every day of the week, so check with your favorite Gigi’s location for more information.

Gigi's Cupcakes offers Gluten Free Friday's

The Florence, KY location offers a Gluten Free Friday Specialty Cupcake. I had the Caramel Sundae which was a caramel cake with caramel filling with butter cream frosting – and it was AMAZING!  Be sure to check with your location.  The Gluten Free Cupcake was priced the same as the regular cupcakes at $3.25 each.  It literally had 3 inches of icing. I could have easily shared it with someone (but I didn’t 😉

Now the cupcakes are not certified gluten free and they could have cross contamination because they are made in the same kitchen as the gluten filled cupcakes so be sure you are aware of that.  I spent very little time in the store.  I literally ran right in and out and ate my cupcake at home to avoid spending time in the store just in case.  I didn’t have any issue however I did want to share the facts with you.

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