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Getaway at Snug Hollow Farm

If you are looking for the perfect getaway in Kentucky, check out Snug Hollow Farm. It is a secluded organic farm that is home to 300 acres of creeks, wildlife, gorgeous wildflowers and wooded mountainsides. You can simply unplug, relax, unwind and enjoy the simple life. It is AMAZING!

Your stay is an authentic experience in “holler hospitality” according to the owner.  This is your opportunity to get back to nature and enjoy everything that Mother Earth has to offer. Trust me you will be glad you did. This is a true Appalachian experience.

Snug Hollow is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. My parents and I had the opportunity to visit right before the pandemic hit. We enjoyed every minute of the hospitality that Barb, the owner had to offer.

As you drive out the gravel road your cell service will start to fade. You can check into one of the rustic cabins or stay at the main house in one of the available rooms in the bed and breakfast. Regardless of which you choose you will be happy that you did.

The food is all homemade with many of the ingredients sourced locally. It is all vegetarian which concerned my father that he would come home starving. That was until we were served our food. It was generously portioned and tasted amazing.

This was a fresh fruit cup with yogurt that tasted amazing. Mine was served gluten free so without the homemade granola that the other guests enjoyed.

Next was two poached eggs, delicious gluten free oatmeal pancakes and a “sausage” substitute that tasted amazing! All of Barb’s recipes could be found in a cookbook that she offered for sale. I am so glad we took this opportunity to spend time together. We of course had no idea a pandemic was ahead of us when we did.

Snug Hollow is the perfect location for an anniversary, girlfriend’s getaway or relaxing retreat. My parents and I enjoyed the brunch without staying this time but I would love to return for dinner or overnight stay so I could experience the true hospitality that Barbara (the owner) offers.

Here I am pictured with the owner and her cookbook, Hot Food and Warm Memories by Barbara Napier.

Be sure to give Snug Hollow a try. It is the perfect destination for a true Kentucky retreat in the holler.

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