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Frozen Graham Cracker Treats

These Frozen Graham Cracker Treats are perfect for summer. I made these easy dessert treats in less than ten minutes. They were so refreshing on a hot summer day.

This dessert is so easy to make. With only three ingredients you can’t beat it. I love making no bake desserts in the summer. This recipe is light and refreshing and a pho ice-cream treat.

With fresh fruit, cool whip an graham crackers you can prepare it in minutes and then place into the freezer. I just chilled it for an hour or two and it was ready to enjoy.

These treats are perfect for July 4th, Labor Day or Memorial Day. I love the flavor combination of the blueberries and strawberries but you can use any fruit that you have on hand.

I used a gluten free graham cracker so that I could enjoy this treat and everyone enjoyed it. It is nice when you can easily make a no-bake dessert either gluten filled or gluten free based on your guests.

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