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Foods that Kill Candida

Foods That Kill Candida

Did you know these are the Foods that Kill Candida?

As you know I have struggled with a Candida Yeast Overgrowth for years.  Since my open heart surgery I have had a really difficult time getting it under control.  In fact I have been on a Candida Detox and Food Elimination Diet plus I am using a wide variety of supplements to help me kill it off. I thought I would share with you a list of foods that are great at fighting off Candida in case you are suffering too.

Foods that Kill Candida:

1.  Dandelion Greens

2.  Coconut Oil

3.  Parsley

4.  Broccoli

5   Ginger

6.  Brussels Sprouts

7.  Cinnamon

8.  Cabbage

9.  Cauliflower

10.  Red Palm Oil

11.  Onion

12.  Celery

13.  Swiss Chard

14.  Turmeric

15.  Arugula

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional and I am not providing medical advise. Always consult with a medical professional before you change your diet or implement a weight loss strategy.

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  1. Very interesting…thank you for sharing. I know Iv had a yeast build up in the past and wonder if I still do. Not sure what kind, if there is more than 1 kind or not but will into this more and see.

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