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5 Tips to Protect Blonde Hair in The Summer


5 Tips to Protect Blonde Hair In The Summer

Here are 5 Tips to Protect Blonde Hair in The Summer. I decided to go Blonde this year for summer.  I love to be a blonde especially in the summer.  I don’t know if it is the hope that blondes have more fun, but I normally always go really heavy with blonde highlights in the summer.  I have been going “blonde” for as long as I can remember in the summer’s and then I normally darken back up in the fall/winter.

With year’s of experience of being a blonde at least half of the year I wanted to share with you five tips to protect blonde hair in the summer.  Before we start with the tips it is really important to get your hair colored at the right time of the season.  When going blonde you should do so at least a full week before you are going to be in the full sun or swimming in a pool, ocean or lake.  You want to avoid submerging underwater (in chlorinated water) or in sea/lake water after recently coloring or highlighting your hair so that it doesn’t turn brassy and dry out or “fry” your chemically treated hair.

5 Tips to Protect Blonde Hair in the Summer

1.   Don’t wash your hair daily.  What?  This seems like a strange tip, but it is true.  This actually holds true to anyone with color treated hair.  Two years ago, I had really dry hair and my stylist suggested that I stop washing it daily.  After several weeks of washing, it only 3 times a week I noticed a huge difference.  Now I only wash it several times a week and it has really helped.  I have fewer split ends and my hair is not brittle.

2.   Use hair products designed for your hair type.  You should use a product designed for color treated hair and blonde hair in particular.  This will really help keep your hair conditioned and from turning brassy.  Look for a name brand that you trust and that specializes in blonde hair.

3.  Condition your hair before going outside in the sun.  Use a leave in conditioner with sunscreen (SPF) if possible and leave your hair wet if possible.  This is a tip my stylist taught me.  Instead of drying my hair before going to the pool I actually leave it wet with a leave in conditioner with sunscreen when possible.  If you don’t have a leave in conditioner you can add a little regular conditioner to a spray bottle with water and use that!

5 Tips to Protect Blonde Hair In The Summer 2

4.  Cover your head!  Never go outside in the summer without a hat or bandanna.  This will keep your hair protected from the harsh rays and will help prevent sun damage.

5.  Once a week use a deep conditioning treatment.  One of my personal favorites is this natural Egg and Avocado Hair Mask.  This is a great way to keep your hair looking its best.  You can also look for store bought deep conditioning treatments too!

Do you have any tips to help protect blonde hair in the summer or brands you love?  I would love to hear them!

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