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Favorite Dessert Recipes with Fruit

Cream Cheese Banana Pudding

Check out our Favorite Dessert Recipes with Fruit!   I used to be such a chocolate lover but as I have aged, I prefer fruit desserts.  We have made so many deserts over the years and these are some of my favorites!  Check them out!

Favorite Dessert Recipes with Fruit

Homemade Apple CrunchWho doesn’t like a Homemade Apple Crunch?  My family loves apples and they love cinnamon.  I was looking for something to make for them outside of a box.

Fruit Cream Cheese DipMy Mom has been making this Fruit Cream Cheese Dip for as long as I remember.  You can’t go wrong with a fruit dip and this one is not your everyday dip. You can also roll this fruit dip into a ball like a cheese ball.  Any way you serve it will be a win!

Dr. Seuss Fruit StickCheck out this fun idea for Dr. Seuss Fruit Stick.  Very fun after dinner treat for the kids!  We sometimes have them for breakfast also!

Dessert Fruit Pizza  – This is so delicious and so easy to make!  With only 5 ingredients no one will believe how easy it is because this dessert tastes so good.

Strawberry Angel Food DelightMy sister-n-law made this amazing Strawberry Angel Food Delight and I fell in love! Over the years, I have switched from a chocolate lover into a fruit dessert lover! I have also had it the next day for breakfast! YUMMY!!!

Cream Cheese Banana Pudding – I am a true Southerner!  Banana Pudding is life! What better thing to blend into banana pudding than cream cheese?

Easy Pineapple Upside Down CakeThis recipe is so delicious and easy to prepare!  I like to serve it for the holidays when my family is over for dinner.

Gluten Free Creamy Banana Pudding  – This is one of my favorite desserts. This is a must print, pin, save and share recipe if you like Banana Pudding.  No holiday is complete without it!

Gluten Free Lemon Blueberry Cake with lemon infused Cream Cheese Icing is simply devine!  We love the combination of lemon and blueberries.

35 Pumpkin Recipes That Are Perfect For FallIt’s PUMPKIN season! Oh I am sorry, I mean Fall is here and that means pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!


Dirt Dessert is Perfect for Family Reunions 

Hot Fudge Ice Cream Delight is one of my family favorites!

Death By Chocolate Trifle Dessert is for all our chocolate lovers out there.

Easy 4th of July Jell-o Cake is also a perfect treat for Memorial and Labor Day!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites for all the chocolate chip cookie lovers! Who doesn’t like a chocolate chip cookie?

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