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5 Breakfast Recipes For Summer Break


We love breakfast!  During summer break, I love to have special breakfasts for the boys!  A special breakfast doesn’t have to be hard.  I have rounded up 5 Breakfast recipes for summer break, that your kids will love!

5 Breakfast Recipes for Summer Break

Fruit Nutella Waffles – Say goodbye to the boring breakfast!  Fruit Nutella Waffles have become a family favorite around our house.  We not only make them on the weekends but now we have them for “Brinner” (AKA Breakfast for Dinner) Fruit Nutella waffles are a great way to serve your kids fruit without them turning that nose up!

Homemade Breakfast BurritosHomemade Breakfast Burritos- Easiest Breakfast Freezer Meal! This recipe is very easy to prepare and makes 16 on the go breakfast burritos. My husband loves having these in the morning on his way out the door to work!  They are perfect to prepare on Sunday for the week and to freeze too!

French Toast Casserole – French Toast Casserole is our favorite casserole! My husband loves the flavor and I love how easy it is to prep the night before and bake. Be sure to give this delicious French Toast Casserole a try. You will soon realize how amazing it is!

Ham Bacon Egg and Cheese Casserole – I began to think about all our freezer meals and wondered if this would work for this Ham, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Casserole recipe.  This would be something easy for the kids to pop in the microwave every morning in the summer or before school.  I thought I could always mix it up and replace the Ham or bacon with sausage to give them something different.

Keto Bacon Egg Cups – This is what we are doing on Sunday! The kids and I love to make them for the whole week! All you do is double the recipe!  Each morning I simply microwave them for 30-45 seconds and enjoy!  It makes for an easy breakfast on the go and is a great way to menu plan and prep ahead.

Be sure to check out these other Breakfast recipes:




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