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How to go gluten free

How to go gluten free? So, you just found out you need to go gluten free, now what? It is overwhelming. It is a sad time, and it feels like the end of the world. I have been there, but I am here to share with you after living gluten free for 11 years that it gets better with time.

At first you have no idea what to eat. This is normal. You will also go through the grieving process of all of your favorite foods. But with time you can find recipes and foods to replace those favorites. For me it was knowing I would never have my family recipes that I love or go out to eat to my favorite restaurant again. However, with time I have found new favorites.

How to go gluten free:

Here is what you need to do first.

Enjoy your last favorites. Go and eat them all. They will make you feel bad, but you won’t live with regrets. Next, if you live alone eliminate everything with gluten. If you don’t live alone create a gluten free shelf in your pantry JUST for your gluten free food.

Next, get a peanut butter that is just for you and mark it gluten free. This will keep you from getting cross contaminated by others in your family. I suggest changing to all squirt bottles for mayonnaise, mustard, jelly or anything that is a condiment that is shared. If not available in a squirt bottle, then purchase a jar and mark it GF.

Then purchase a toaster that is just for you. This will be a toaster that you will use for bread, bagels and buns. A wide slotted toaster is nice for this. Lable it as GF so it doesn’t get used by someone accidently.

Finally, start trying brands to replace products that you enjoy today. I am going to share my personal list of brands with you that are gluten free and taste good. Some GF brands taste like cardboard, and these are all Melissa approved.

  • GF Oreos – AMAZING!
  • Kraft Brand GF Macaroni and Cheese – AMAZING
  • King Arthur GF All Purpose Baking Mix – The best hands down. I also love their brownie mix.
  • Udi’s Class Hamburger and Hot dog buns (frozen and thaw when ready to eat)
  • Kroger Brand GF Bread or Trader Joe Gluten Free Bread if you have one near you
  • live Gfree brand by Aldi. I enjoy all of their baking products and frozen products that I have tried, and they have a money back guarantee on their store brand products.
  • Katz brand – Frozen donuts, Pie, Pastries – all delicious
  • McCormick GF Taco Seasoning – I order this from Amazon
  • Barilla GF Pasta
  • Schar Table Crackers
  • Simple Mills Crackers
  • Kinnikinnick vanilla wafers
  • Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Cheerios Cereal
  • Mission GF Soft Tortilla
  • Sweet Lorens GF chocolate chunk cookie dough (place and chunk)
  • Santita’s GF white corn tortilla chips
  • Amy’s Kitchen – They have GF and dairy free frozen meals, soups and more.
  • Frito Lay Chips – Frito’s, Classic Lays, BBQ
  • Digiorno Pepperoni GF Frozen Pizza
  • Udi’s Frozen Pizza, Frozen Lasagna

Download the Find Me Gluten Free app for dining out and the Gluten Free Scanner app for shopping.

Also, with a Celiac diagnosis you have to consider everything that touches your body. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, make up, nail polish, deodorant etc. I always say start out with food/drink and then move onto the other products. Yes, believe it or not shampoo often has gluten!

Nest start experimenting with recipes. These are some of my favorites. Just because you find yourself not able to enjoy gluten it doesn’t mean you can’t have flavorful food.

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  1. I love how there are so many gluten free options. I could never go gluten free but I can understand why some do!

  2. I had to go gluten-free for a month and it was tough. I was glad that there were plenty of options for food.

  3. It’s amazing how many options we have when omitting something from out diets, it would probably be like we weren’t missing out on anything at all!

  4. I don’t think I could go gluten free. I do have autoimmune disorders but haven’t been checked for celiac yet. At least there are more gluten free options today than there was several years ago.

  5. Seems it was just a couple years ago the first time I heard of gluten intolerance and now I swear half the people I know have a gluten intolerance of some kind. Glad to see there are more products available than ever before!

  6. Such an amazing post, that definitely a great help to any individual who wants to go gluten-free lifestyle. Loved it!

  7. Thank you for the tips and it is so much easier to g gluten free now. They have fabulous breads and pastas too. Love it!

  8. Wow, what a comprehensive guide to going gluten-free. I didn’t realize that you had to think about toiletries too. A friend of mine has celiac disease, and she feels so much better now that she is gluten-free.

  9. I have thought about trying removing some gluten from my diet. This sounds like a good way to get started.

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