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Does your pet think he’s human?


Does your pet think he’s human? As you know I recently shared with you some signs for figuring out if you are a pet parent. I also shared that Smokey recently tried Tender and True Pet Food and he loved it.  How do I know?  His tail is always wagging when it comes to mealtime, and he gobbles it up quickly!

Does your pet think he’s human?

So, for those of us who are pet parents. How do you humanize your pet? Do you think that your pet starts to look like you?  I often hear that about pets.  I personally don’t think my Schnauzers look like me but I have heard that the longer you have a pet that they can look like the pet parent.

If your pets are like mine, they like to spend a lot of time with you.  My boys like to follow me around 24/7 and luckily for them I work from home so they can hang out with me all day long.  One of Rocky’s favorite things to do is to ride in the van.  He likes to go with me each morning to take Peyton to school and when I have other plans or errands to run after drop off and he can’t go, he gets upset with me. I sometimes take him and bring him home first.

We have two mini-schnauzers but they have completely different personalities.  One is really smart and the other “not so much”.  We lovingly refer to him as “the other brother”. He is so lovey and sweet but when it comes to being trained he beats to his own drum.

However, there is one thing that they both have in common and that is their love for Tender and True pet food.  I love it because it is the perfect “superfood” for my pets.  You know how much buzz that superfoods get online for people?  It is important to feed your pets these superfoods too. It is a simple way to show your pets how much you love them by feeding them the best pet food available. I decided to feed Rocky Tender and True and he loved it too!

Tender & True™ believes your pets deserve more from their pet food. I agree with them 100%.  Your pets deserve food that lives up to the same standards as the foods you eat. Tender & True™ has USDA certified organic varieties, free from fillers and corn and soy. With no antibiotics, no artificial preservatives, no artificial anything.  This is another way to show your pets how much they mean to you by serving them top quality feed.

They offer a balanced formula for all life stages.  I like that you don’t have to purchase a specific blend (there is no puppy blend, mature dog blend, etc.). That is great when you have multiple dogs like we do.  It keeps mealtime simple!

Tender & True™ believe your pet’s food should be a reflection of the love you share for your pet. All animal proteins in Tender & True are certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) and are humanely raised in a reduced-stress environment without added hormones or antibiotics. This was great news for me!  I only feed my boys the best.

Each recipe of Tender & True Pet Food begins with only the best of premium ingredients, featuring U.S. farm raised Organic and Antibiotic-Free Poultry as well as Certified Sustainable Seafood. Most importantly they are Rocky and Smokey approved. 

Which of these remind you of your pets?  Are they the little ones? The loud ones? The funny ones?  Or are they like Smokey?  (the trouble makers)

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  1. I think that my dogs probably do sometimes. This little dog is so cute! My daughter saw it and now she wants one. 🙂 Two dogs are enough for us right now, though.

  2. My friend has a puppy that I promise thinks she’s human. I love to see people interact with dogs, it’s so sweet. This looks like a great brand. I will share it with my friend. I had never heard of it before this.

  3. I’m not a pet owner, but I’ll be moving into my own apartment in a few weeks and I’ve been thinking about adopting a dog. I’ve been doing research on dog ownership because I want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks for sharing Tender & True. I now know what kinds of food to look at for my future pup!

  4. I definitely think I have a trouble maker. She definitely thinks she’s a human…ha! What would I do without her? I love your sweet pup, too. Smokey has such serious and almost human eyes!

  5. We have two dogs. One is a rescue dog and we assume he is about 6 years old. Sweetest most loyal dog ever. Then we have a Boston Terrier who just turned 2 a few weeks ago. They are both super picky when it comes to their food. And I am picky about what I will buy them. Going to look for Tender and True the next time I am at the pet store.

  6. Your dog is so cute! Nutrition is important for dogs and if we are not feeding them properly there are many ill effects of a poor diet. I am all about making sure my dog has the proper nutrition and being sure to take the best care of them as possible. MY dogs do think they are human and they get treated as if they are around here, too.

  7. We are always looking to try new foods for our dogs. They seem to have such sensitive stomachs and food only works for s short time before it upsets them again.

  8. Oh my! You dog is seriously so adorable!!! Ahhh! It’s so important to feed our pets quality food that they enjoy. Poor diet can lead to so many problems for our pets and it’s our job to care for them. Your pup looks like one happy dog!

  9. I think he thinks he’s a big part of our family! We just adopted him,and he is so different than any dog we’ve had! He is so gentle and quite! I’ve never tried this food before,but my Husband gets the dog food and he buys whatever he thinks is the most nutrious for him!

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