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Do you go berry picking?

Do you go berry picking? Summer Fun Activity

Do you go berry picking? It’s berry picking time!!! I love to go berry picking! It is such a fun frugal family activity! In case you don’t know it is berry season! Now is the time to go and load up on fresh blueberries, black and red raspberries, gooseberries, currants and strawberries too!

For those of you who are local – The MAiZE Berry Patch is open and ready! They have both black & red raspberries, gooseberries and currants. They located 10 miles south of Marysville, OH or 8 miles west of Plain City, just off St. Rt. 161. Check out www.mazeandberries.com for more information.

So please share with us your favorite berry patch!  Please include the location (name – city and state).  If you know a place, please leave it too!  I love to go berry picking, do you?

Some tips for berry picking:

  • Wear old clothes
  • Use sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses
  • Bring your own container to transport berries home
  • Bring snacks and beverages
  • Bring a wet washcloth for washing hands
  • Call first to be sure you have the correct times they have berries available
  • Have fun!

Now is the time to stockpile on berries at the stores and farmers markets too!  Check out this post on how to freeze berries too!  It extends the life of your berries, and you can use them all winter!

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  1. Can you really save money by going to the Maize up near Columbus from NKY to pick berries or even at closer berry patches that are nearby considering the price of gas? Are the berry patches that cheap?

    1. Depending on the quantity of the berries and what you are doing with them (making jam) it can be worth your while. Also, if you want organic berries and can find an organic berry patch that may be worth your time too. Not only is it fun but a great experience for your children.

  2. we’re actually fans of wild berries but then agian we live in the wild berry area of the country if you can find wild berry patches nearly everywehre just watch the signs some of those patches are goverment protected and those are usely overly ready to pick 🙁 mean goverment would rather protect the berries and let them rot than let us pick them sometimes. oh well i’ll keep going into the woods and picking berries and mushrooms this fall too 🙂

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