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DIY Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame

Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame is perfect for gift giving

I love this simple DIY Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame.  It is perfect for gift giving and home decor and an inexpensive gift idea..  I think it would be a great wedding or birthday present.  If you are giving it as a wedding present you could create a monogram for the happy couple.  This is the perfect decor for a traditional farmhouse decor.  You can use any color of buttons or even a mix of colors.  I love saving buttons and reusing them for crafts and do it yourself projects like this one.  You can often pick them up at yard sales or flea markets.  I have a tin of vintage buttons that I use for decor in my house in a large crystal dish.  However, if you have small children or pets be sure to keep that up on a high shelf.

I love to up-cycle and recycle and this is a great project to do both.  You can collect extra buttons that come with garments and use those and you can pull buttons off of worn out clothing that is tattered beyond repair.  Of course you can always purchase buttons too but I like to reuse and re-purpose as much as possible.  Plus it brings the cost of this project down. I pick up my picture frames at the Dollar Store on when on sale.  Always look on the clearance racks at stores too.

DIY Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame:


Picture Frame
Piece of cardstock to fit inside frame
Monogram letter of your choice
Glue dots


Step 1: Print out your monogram letter of choice being mindful of what size frame you are using. My frame is a 5×7 so my letter is about 4×6.  You can adjust based on the size.
Step 2: Carefully cut out your letter with scissors or shears.
Step 3: With a pencil, lightly trace the outline of your letter onto the card stock color of your choice.
Step 4: Begin arranging your buttons to fill in the monogram letter and secure each button with a glue dot.
Step 5: Once you have filled all of the voids with buttons gently erase what did not get covered up of your pencil marks and place your masterpiece in the frame. Enjoy!

DIY Vintage Buttons Monogram Frame


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