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DIY Sharpie Marker Plate

DIY Sharpie Marker Plate

I am in LOVE with this simple DIY Sharpie Plate that my friend Julia made. This is the perfect DIY gift! One of my favorite DIY gifts is this DIY Sharpie Marker Mug that we made two years ago at my sons Christmas Party.   Not only did the kids love them but so did his teacher and the parents. I got so many messages after the party.  I have made these dozens of times for gifts.  I love this idea of making a decorative plate.   This is perfect for gift giving or snow day entertainment.

DIY Sharpie Plate

We are sure you have seen these Sharpie Marker Crafts all over Pinterest, but you may have heard that they are a Pinterest Fail too.   In fact my friend made them with regular sharpies and learned the hard way.  This step-by-step instructions not only shows you how to make them AND tips on which markers won’t wash off! This is such a fun easy project and DIY gift idea! We hope you love it as much as we did!  Best of all you can make this project for around $1.00!  You can pick them up at your local dollar store.


  • Plain Plate (white or any solid color will work) – you can pick these up at the Dollar Store
  • Oil Based Sharpie Markers (Not Regular Sharpie Markers) – you can order online OR pick up at craft store using a coupon
  • Pencil, optional


1.  Wash and dry your new plate and remove any price stickers from the bottom.

2.  Using a pencil sketch your design on the plate (this is optional as you can always free-hand your design with the markers).

3.  Draw your design with (oil based) sharpie markers.

4.  Allow to dry completely.

5.  Place plates on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes to “cure” the design.

6.  After the plates cool completely you can hand wash and use.

The Sharpie Plates are NOT dishwasher safe.  I repeat the Sharpie Plates are NOT dishwasher safe.  However we have used and hand washed our mugs a dozen times since we created them and the design is still there with no fading!  I would personally NOT advise you to write on the interior of the mug for safety concerns.  Also you can use the mug as a flower pot, pencil holder or just for decoration if you desire instead of for traditional use.  I think this would be the most amazing gift idea if you fill the mug with candy, coffee, tea, fuzzy socks or really the sky is the limit!  Best of all I love handmade gifts.  This is a really precious gift idea for parents, grandparents or any one on your gift giving list!  I would suggest an inexpensive plate stand matched with this plate for the perfect way to display and gift.

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