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DIY Camping Tablecloth Holders

 DIY Camping Tablecloth Holders are perfect to keep your picnic tables covered!

DIY Camping Tablecloth Holders are super easy to make and will help keep those picnic tables covered while camping! You can even have the kids help with this fun summer project.

DIY Camping Tablecloth Holders:

All you need is some rocks, paint, mattress straps and super glue. Start by painting your rocks if you want to. You can paint flowers, sports, names – the possibility of things to paint is endless. Once the rocks are dry you can start adhering the straps to the back of the rocks.

DIY Camping Tablecloth Holders - great project to do with the kids!

Cut the strap at an angle to fit the rock. Being very careful use super glue to adhere the strap to the rock. This is the part an adult should help with. Allow the rocks to dry completely before using.

Simple DIY Camping Tablecloth Holders

Simply clip to the edge of the tablecloth after you lay it out. I like to pick up inexpensive table clothes at the Dollar Store or when I find them after the season. Next time you go camping or go on a picnic be sure to use these Weighted Tablecloth Holders so your tablecloth won’t blow away on you!

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