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Disney World FastPass Tips

Disney's Memory Maker

Disney World FastPass Tips  are very important when visiting Disney.  We stayed on property, had the dining plan and were able to get our fastpasses 60 days before our trip.  If you are not staying in a resort you can get your fastpasses 30 days before your trip.

Some of the fastpasses are very hard to get, especially if you are going at a busy time (which we did).  A fastpass is a ticket linked to your magic band or card with a hour window time that you can bypass waiting in line and get straight onto the ride.  You get three per day that you can schedule ahead of time. This is a great way to optimize your time at the park and ride more.  It does take some planning on  knowing where you will be each day because you have to use all 3 fastpass in the same park. Once you have used all three passes, you can then schedule one more at a time as you go through the day.

Disney's Memory Maker

I took Disney World FastPass Tips from friends on which rides I should use the fastpass on.  Some rides do not have long wait times ad you will waste your fast pass.  Plus, we were in the parks everyday before they opened because I scheduled our breakfast reservations early. We were able to go get in line at rides before guests entered the parks.  The day we were at Animal Kingdom we got in line for Kilimanjaro Safari and when we got off  there was over an hour wait time. Plus we did not have to use one of our fastpass for it!  On that same day we had a fastpass for Mt. Everest Expedition and we walked right on the ride.  Fast Passes save so much time so be sure to use them wisely.

Other Fast Pass Perks

Through our My Disney Experience app we could make our fastpass selections right on our phones. After we went through line and scanned our third fast pass I scheduled another one from my phone. So be sure to get the app, it is wonderful and has all of your information from fastpass selections, dining reservations and resort info.  This is also where you will find your memory maker pictures!

Disney's Memory Maker

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Disclosure: My family paid for this trip and was not compensated in any form through Disney.

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