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Disney World 1900 Park Fare Dining

Disney World 1900 Park Fare Dining. I am home from Disney World, and I am excited to share that 1900 Park Fare has returned! This has always been one of my favorite Character Dining meals.

Disney World 1900 Park Fare Dining

Wishing for something delicious? Your wishes can come true at 1900 Park Fare, featuring an all-you-care-to-enjoy buffet at breakfast and dinner—with visits from some favorite Disney Characters. This is the BEST tasting buffet I have ever been to at Disney World.

Now, the characters and decor has been completely revamped so you will no longer find Cinderella’s Stepsisters, Stepmother or Prince Charming any longer.

There are so many amazing dishes! Some inspired by Disney wish-makers, like Aladdin and Tiana. At dinner, get a taste of New Orleans when you try Tiana’s Gumbo. Some flavorful favorites await you at breakfast and dinner alike including the famous Grand Floridian Strawberry Soup and a carving station full of savory selections.

The menu also features kid-friendly options—like Mickey waffles at breakfast, as well as chicken, pizza and macaroni-and-cheese at dinner.

You will meet Characters from classic Disney films, as well as newer favorites like Encanto and The Princess and the Frog. Each Character is known for making a wish… and making their wish come true. They will ask you to make a wish at the table when they visit.

These cherished friends may include:

Princess Tiana

The decor and artistic touches abound. 1900 Park Fare is delightfully designed to take you back in time to the early 20th century with carousel theming, whimsical décor and impressionist style Disney artwork. It really is a beautifully well-done venue.

We were thrilled with all of the gluten free options! When we entered, they handed us a guide which told us every allergy. In addition, the chef took special precautions and prepared some items for us including gluten free desserts and rolls. It was a delicious dinner and we all left stuffed!

I do want to add because this a large buffet venue the noise level was really loud. Just to prepare you before your dining experience. I personally hadn’t been to a buffet since pre-covid days, so it was a little of a shock, but the food and character interactions made up for the noise level. We are all still talking about the food!

Be sure to look for Big Bertha, a turn-of-the-century organ from France that has been at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa since 1988!

Here is the allergen guide that they gave us when we entered. None of us got sick and we felt safe by using the guide. If there was any concern, we spoke to the chef, and they brought us items. Like the strawberry soup from the back.

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