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Cute As A Button Ornament

I love Christmas Crafts that include my son's picture.  So easy to make and a memory that will last a lifetime!

This Christmas Craft – Cute As A Button Ornament is adorable!  I love Christmas Crafts that include my son’s picture. When he brought this gift to me from school this year I was thrilled to see this “Cute As A Button Ornament” in the gift bag.

So simple yet so crafty. I had to share it with you! I love that his teacher took time from her busy school schedule to let the kids have the chance to make a gift for their parents. It made him feel so special to be able give me this gift. Thanks Mrs. Hughes. You are the BEST!


Wide Popsicle Sticks (4)
Assortment of Buttons
Black Sharpie Marker
Green and Brown Tempera Paint
White Paper
Small Picture
Red Ribbon

To make this Cute As A Button Ornament paint 3 of the Popsicle sticks green and one brown. Allow to dry. Glue the sticks together to create a “tree”. Glue picture to the white paper and attach to the back of the tree. Add 1 brown stick to be the tree stump. Glue Buttons to the tree and attach a ribbon tied as a bow to the top and ribbon to hang ornament on the tree.  Finally with a black Sharpie marker add “Cute As A Button!”.  I would also add the year to the bottom under the picture or the back of the ornament.  This is a treasured keepsake for sure and frugal craft project for the kids or class party.

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  1. When my kids were little they made some ornaments like this with their pictures. We still put them on the tree each year. So cute!

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