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Chobani Announces Two New Gluten Free Products

Chobani Champions has just announced two new ways to enjoy Greek yogurt!  Check out this little infographic that explains the yogurt story.  The two new products are Bites (only 100 calories and the perfect afternoon snack size) and Tubes!  Yay!  We couldn’t be more excited!  We got the opportunity to try both and we loved them!
Of the two flavors of the new bites I would have to pick the raspberry with dark chocolate chips if you made me 🙂  The coffee with dark chocolate chip was super yummy too!  For the tubes that we tried my son really loved the strawberry but I loved the blueberry.  I froze a couple and sent them in for lunch and he really enjoyed them that way.  I love that I can now provide Greek Yogurt for him to snack on!!!  I am also excited because these are gluten free!  In addition the portion size of the 100 calorie bites really is the perfect size for snacking in my opinion.  It gave me the “chocolate” fix I needed before I picked Peyton up fro school.
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