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Camping Hacks for Preparing Meals Outdoors

Check out these Camping Hacks for Preparing Meals Outdoors. Do you love to go camping but feel extremely limited on what foods you can enjoy while you’re away? I used to feel this way before I found out about the many hacks that made meal prepping extremely easy to do. Don’t get me wrong. 

It’s not that I didn’t love eating hotdogs, smores, pudgy pies, and all of that good stuff (because I do). It’s just nice to have more meal options while you’re away from home.

Summer Camping Hacks for Preparing Meals Outdoors

Camping out doesn’t mean you can have your favorite comfort food meals. These tips are great for making amazing meals for the whole family while you enjoy the great outdoors. Here are a few camping hacks for preparing meals while you’re away in the outdoors.

Scrambling Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of those necessary breakfast foods to take with you on a camping trip, but getting the eggs there in one piece proves to be a difficult task. Instead of having to worry about your eggshells breaking, go ahead and break the eggs ahead of time and put them in a water bottle for an easier pour.

Flapjack Pancakes

Are you missing the comfort foods waiting for you back at home? Flapjack pancakes are probably one of them. Simply make a pancake mixture ahead of time and place it in a plastic bag. When your campfire is good and hot, snip a corner of the baggie as an easy way to dispense your batter. Just don’t forget the maple syrup.

One Cup of Morning Joe

There’s the likelihood that your campsite doesn’t have an electrical outlet for your coffeemaker. Not to worry. You can use a coffee filter with however much coffee you’d like to use and tie it up using some dental floss. It’s like a teabag, only with coffee in it, and just needs some hot water to go with.

Campfire Corn on the Cob

It’s summertime, so it only makes sense that you continue to enjoy corn on the cob, even if you’re deep in the backwoods. Go ahead and boil your ears of corn before you set out on your adventure, and season them how you see fit. Stow them away in resealable plastic baggies and don’t forget the skewers so that you can roast them over the open flames.

Campfire Skillet Pizza

This one I haven’t personally tried yet, but I’m thoroughly looking forward to it on my next camping trip. Just as the name suggests, place your dough and ingredients right into your campfire skillet for a campfire pizza in as little as 35 minutes.

Skillet S’mores

Smores are an essential campfire food where gooeyness and yummy meet. Skillet S’mores are also an alternative that you should consider without having to use so many cooking utensils. Layout a layer of white fluffy marshmallows over chocolate chips in your campfire skillet. Now you and your family can dig in with graham crackers once it’s cool enough to eat. Check out these Campfire Marshmallows too! They are a huge hit with my teens!

Check out these Smelly Proof bags! They are perfect for storing food when you are camping. Smelly Proof reusable bags make eating outside much more enjoyable. You won’t have to worry about attracting bugs or animals! The smell proof bags come in a variety of sizes and are liquid, moisture and puncture resistant. No mess, no smells! Use them to soak meats ahead of time with spices and sauces, prep chopped ingredients, or store leftovers. The best part? They’re made in the USA!

Who says that you can’t eat well while you’re out camping? These are several camping hacks for prepping your next meals while you’re outdoors. Here are a few others that may wet your whistle. What are some other meal hacks that you’ve discovered that you’d be willing to share with others?

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