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Boy Undercut Hair Style for Teens

We are loving this Boy Undercut Hair Style for Teens. If you are a mom with teenage boys, I am sure you can relate when it comes to your son’s expression of personal style. Peyton has been selecting his own hair styles since he was 5 years old!  He has rocked a Mohawk, an undercut, a fade, a chop and has even grown his hair long (not my favorite) but it is all about self expression for him.  It is his hair and his way to express his style.  I never say no, but I always say, if you will style it then go for it.

Boy Undercut Hair Style for Teens

Messy, textured, bedheaded…whatever you call it, the look is in and every young guy is trying to find his own version of it. Peyton gets a lot of his inspiration online and from professional soccer players. Then it is all about having the hair product to really create his own version of the inspiration.  We have actually had so many strangers throughout the years approach us asking to take photos of his hair cuts. 

Stock up on AXE hair products!

His favorite go-to styling product is actually AXE Hair Care.  I love that we can pick it up on sale at our local CVS and it doesn’t cost a fortune.  It is his go-to for hair product. You can help your boys find their magic with AXE Hair, and pick it up at your local CVS, while taking advantage of a sweet BOGO offer!  You can help them perfect and personalize their dream hair style while they express themselves. As we have moved into the teen years I find more and more that Peyton is really into creating his own image. 

Stock up on AXE hair products for boys at CVS

When it comes to personal style Peyton is always on trend.  Whether it is selecting his hair style from Pinterest or wearing stylish shoes.  He actually spends as much time on his hair as I do and doesn’t like to leave the house without it styled.  He also has far more pairs of shoes than I do!  He is all about saving his money to purchase them and generally this is what he asks for his birthday and Christmas each year.  He likes to put together a complete look with his shoes matching his soccer jersey that he is wearing and of course his hair always have to be fresh.

Boy Undercut Hair Style for Teens

You can see how he styles his hair here.  With only a dime size worth of product and a comb he is able to get the look he likes.

Boy Undercut Hair Style for Teens

He normally completes his look with basketball shoes, jersey and accessories.

Boy Undercut Hair Style for Teens

My advice to you is to allow your son to find his own style.  For me I would have never thought that Peyton would be selecting his hair cuts from Pinterest but he gets a lot of inspiration there.  He takes excellent care of his shoes and jersey’s as a result of using his own money to purchase them or asking for them for special occasions through the years.  I never have to ask him to pick up his shoes because they are always organized in his closet and he picks out his own outfits each morning before school too which saves lots of time and stress!

Boy Undercut Hair Style for Teens

Three go-to hair products that my son loves:

AXE Natural Look Understated Cream – Create natural, relaxed styles without looking like you tried too hard. This product lightly holds for an effortless look.  My son likes this for a weekend styling product. Hair cream, also known as styling cream, adds a subtle, natural-looking shine to hair. 

AXE Natural Look Softening Cream – Get that casual style but keep it styled effortlessly all day.  This product provides a natural look that stay put all day.

AXE Messy Look Matte Wax – Finally, get effortlessly great hair that lasts all day. Get epic hold, texture, and definition without the shine or hard crunchy feel.  This is hands down my sons favorite styling product.  His “go to”.  A messy, matte, bedhead needs a product that’s light, but still gives hold.  My son can use this product and head straight to soccer practice or a game with no concern that his hair will not look as good as before the game.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. My husband is the same way about spending lots of time on his hair. I guess without makeup, hair is a way men can express their personal style! Good for you for letting your son choose his own hairstyles . . . it’s a great way to help him build confidence.

  2. I love the smell of Axe products, but I never knew that they made hair products too!!! My son is only 12 and he hasn’t hit the point in his life where he cares about his appearance. Maybe I’ll purchase this for him and it might inspire him to do his hair more often. Right now we are stuck with BED HEAD lol.

  3. I love his look! My son had long hippie hair once as a kid around the age of 7 lol.
    Peyton is totally styling here! I had no idea Axe made hair products though! COOL!

  4. Awww, what a handsome young man taking care of his appearance and learning to style his own hair. My brother used AXE hair styling products when he was first starting out with hair care.

  5. This is a great deal. My son has to have his hair done every day too. Buying the product is the hardest part. Thanks for the great deal! I think we will go and stock up.

  6. My son is only 7 so we don’t want to get him into gels yet however, his hair is ALL over the place – even when it’s freshly cut! lol! We do use gel on special occasions 😉

  7. That is such a good look on him! I don’t have kids yet but I do have a nephew who might need a makeover himself. 😉 Thanks for this idea. I think he will love this hairstyle!

  8. I had no idea Axe makes hair styling products. Maybe I’ll get one for the hubby, we always can’t figure that front part oh his hair. He just uses water and of course it all drops after it dries, haha. Thanks for the recommendation.

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