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Be A Yes Mom

Be A Yes Mom. Have you seen the movie yes day? I watched it and it made an impact on me. When I became a mom, my mother gave me some advice. She told me to save NO for big things. At first, I wasn’t sure what she meant but I decided to take her advice and it has been the best advice I was ever given as a mom.

Be A Yes Mom:

As a mom, I quickly figured out that you could say, no, no, no all day long. That is when I decided to become a yes mom. I say yes to all of the things I can.

Like, “Mom, can we have ice-cream for dinner? YES! Not every day but occasionally when asked I say YES! Those are the days that it counts and because why not?

“Mom, can we go to the park? YES! I always say yes because chores can wait. Sometimes the answer can’t be yes or we can only stay for a few minutes due to an obligation but when possible I always say yes!

Can we have pancakes for dinner? YES, we can! Can we have a picnic lunch together? YES, we can! I spend a lot of time saying yes to the fun things which led to us creating memories that will last us a lifetime.

I am a planner, but I also just let my plans go to the wayside when something else develops. Like if we see something as we are driving those interests us, we stop.

My husband always jokes that the house could be on fire and I would just reply, “no big deal, it will all work out”. I am very easy going when it comes to things and he is the opposite so I think we balance each other out.

Do I have rules? Heck yes! My son has a lot expected from him. He has great manners, is kind and always says please and thank you. He helps around the house and is a protector of his mom’s heart. He is a really good kid, but he knows that occasionally he can ask me for something slightly outrageous and get a YES.

When my son wants to try something new, I am all in! I love being an adventurer with him.  Some of the adventures we have taken include helicopter ride, swimming with a dolphin, ziplining, snorkeling, kayaking, caving, hiking, bungee jumping and a pink jeep tour.

We have a wish list of taking a hot air balloon ride and skydiving. We have to wait until he is 18 for one of those!

My advice is always listen to mom. She knows best! When she told me to save the no’s for the big stuff that was the best advice and that is what I do. So when I do say no, my son knows there is a reason.

Be a YES mom! I promise your kids will enjoy the time you spend together and will want to spend time with you once they are teens. It will also be loads of fun!


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