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6 Delicious Chex Mix Recipes

Check out these 6 Delicious Chex Mix Recipes. If you love crunchy snacks you are going to love these tasty treats. They are perfect for snacking at holiday’s or any day! We love that they can easily become a festive treat.

6 Delicious Chex Mix Recipes

My personal favorite is the traditional Chex mix recipe. This is a twist on the classic recipe because my Mom passed it down to us. It is our family favorite at Christmas and request multiple batches every year.

Next up would be the sweet versions. These are my daughters favorite snacks! She loves to make the Puppy Chow Snack at Christmas. If you have never enjoyed it you are missing out! I love that it is low fat too!

You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these. We like to make up a double batch when we are expecting company or going on a road trip. They last for quite a while in an airtight container and you can even package them up into mason jars or decorative containers and give them away as gifts.

6 Delicious Chex Mix Recipes:

Chex Mix Recipe – Traditional Recipe

Slow Cooker Chex Mix Recipe – Made in the Crock Pot

Mayflower Munch Mix – Perfect for Thanksgiving

Valentine Chex Mix – Great Valentine’s Day Party Treat

Yummy Holiday Party Mix – Perfect for Christmas Parties

Low Fat Puppy Chow Snack Mix – Delicious Anytime

If you haven’t tried one of these 6 Delicious Chex Mix Recipes you are really missing out! Be sure to try them and let us know which one is your favorite!

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