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5 Toys That Boys Will Love This Summer

5 Toys That Boys Will Love This Summer

5 Toys That Boys Will Love This Summer. This summer we were looking for a few toys to keep our boys busy. With all of the rain and cooler temps this summer they can easily go stir crazy. By sneaking in a new toy or two into the house you can make an overcast day bright with a new toy.

5 Toys That Boys Will Love This Summer:

You don’t have to break the budget either! If you have a summer birthday party to go to, we have ideas for you. One of my friends celebrates her sons 1/2 birthday each summer with a smaller celebration. She does 1 gift, a fun dessert and her elf on the shelf even makes a special appearance too!

Dino Pic 2

Jurassic World Chomping Dino Head – This has been a huge hit with my son. It is available in the Tyrannosaurus Rex Head or the Velociraptor Head. Best of all this is priced at only $14.99 and often you can find it on sale for less! This makes a great gift for birthday parties. It has provided countless hours of imaginative play for Peyton which is a win/win for me.


Mega Bloks Minions new Despicable Me Supervillain Jet – If you have a minion fanatic like we do then this is the perfect gift idea! It is a fully buildable jet with opening cockpit and canopy, working ejector seat, two side launchers, and a trap door for quick escapes. It comes with two buildable Kevin and Stuart Minion character figures with interchangeable parts, including overalls, goggles, arms, feet and hair. It is sure to provide hours and hours of entertainment this summer!  It is suited for ages 5+ and the cost is $75.00.

Dino Collage

Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex Figure – If you have a Jurassic World Fan, they are going to love this toy! Indominus Rex figure looks like the massive Dino with a mega-chomping jaw and huge tail. It has color-changing skin and will stimulate hours of imaginative play. Peyton loves this toy and has used it with other dinosaurs to entertain himself for hours on end.

Hasbro® Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster – If you have a boy who likes Nerf then this is going to be a big hit! The Hammershot blaster has hammer-action blasting and holds 5 Zombie Strike darts. Best of all you can shoot it with one-handed blasting! It retails for only $15.99 but you can find it on sale for less. Our suggestion is order two so you can have a battle that is fun for all!

Nerf GunFinal

Nerf Super Soaker Zip Fire, 3 pack – This is a true deal at only $9.99 for a 3-pack of super stealth water blasters that lets you soak your target with ease! Each soaker holds more than 3 ounces of water, and you can blast from up to 20 feet away. We really like the quick-fire trigger lets you fire a long-distance stream of water.

We hope your kids enjoy these toys as much as ours do!

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Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  Some of the toys were provided to us for review and others we purchased.

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