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30 Days of Thanks Printable for Thanksgiving

This year, we are celebrating 30 Days of Thanks in preparation for Thanksgiving.  This easy to use printable is a great way for you to keep track this year of the things you are thankful for each day.  Simply write down something each day for 30-days, then save this for the future. You can easily pull this out later in the year, or year after year, to compare what has brought you joy.

30 Days of Thanks Printable for Thanksgiving

30 Days of Thanks Printable for Thanksgiving

Below, I will share 30 things that I am often thankful for and know will likely end up on my list.  These things will help you to think of things you could also add to your 30 days of thanks, Thanksgiving printable.

  1. My family and their love for me.
  2. My job and the ability to do something I love each day.
  3. My spouse supporting me in my decisions and everyday life.
  4. My home and where I live being perfect for me and my needs.
  5. My faith in God and the joy that brings me.
  6. My son and the joy he brings to my life.
  7. The freedom that comes with living in the United States.
  8. Good health and physicians to care for my needs.
  9. My education and ability to keep learning as well as leading others to learn.
  10. Good books that help me escape on tough days.
  11. Friendships that are long-lasting and unique.
  12. Sharing the holiday season with my immediate and extended family.
  13. My favorite foods on cold and dreary days.
  14. Retail therapy and friends that join me to splurge.
  15. Great music for any need or mood you have, especially Jimmy Buffet.
  16. Sunshine and beautiful days in the midst of storms.
  17. The beach and smell of the Ocean.
  18. The first snowfall of the winter season.
  19. Pets and the unconditional love they offer.
  20. Close relationships with parents and siblings.
  21. Vacations with my family that create cherished memories.
  22. Online friendships that become in real life friendships.
  23. The smell of pumpkin spice during the holiday season.
  24. Forgiveness that isn’t conditional.
  25. Fireplaces to keep me warm in the winter.
  26. A great community that supports me in my life goals and decisions.
  27. The coffee pot that helps me make it through the day.
  28. Great gluten-free food at my favorite restaurants.
  29. A business partner that has similar goals for our future.
  30. Motivation in the form of past successes.

This list shows you just a few of the things that I am thankful for this year.  You can use our printable 30 Days of Thanks, form to write down small or large things you too are thankful for this season.

Download your 30 Days of Thanks, Thanksgiving Printable by clicking on the image below.

30 Days of Thanks Printable for Thanksgiving

You can also check out our great pack of Thanksgiving quotes to print and decorate your home with during the holidays season!

Download your Thanksgiving quotes by clicking the image below.

30 Days of Thanks Printable for Thanksgiving

This holiday season, take time to celebrate the good things in your life.  These printables are a great reminder for you to focus on good instead of bad on the tough days of life!

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