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What Should Be In Your First Aid Kit

If you are a parent I am sure you will want to know What Should Be In Your First Aid Kit. Natural disasters and emergencies usually happen with little to no notice ahead of time. If you’re needing to evacuate quickly or are left at home in the dark, it becomes much harder to gather those necessities when the minutes are crunching.

First Aid Kit Supplies:

Having an emergency kit ahead of time for moments like these would show smart thinking and wisdom on your part. It’s not too difficult to put one together, you just need to know what a few of the essentials are. Here’s what should be in everyone’s preparedness first aid kit.

First Aid Kit

The first on our list is probably the most obvious. You need to have a decent first aid kit to provide your family with bandages and other first-aid essentials.

Hand-cranked Powered Radio

It’s imperative to have a hand-cranked powered radio that can alert and keep you up to date with any emergency broadcast that may come up. No matter your scenario, this radio should keep working.

Emergency Food Supply

You’ll want to stow away enough food supply to last each of your family members for at least 3 days. Non-perishable food is the way to go, but you can also purchase emergency food kits also.

A Flashlight that Doesn’t Require Batteries

Don’t be left in the dark without a battery-free flashlight. Some of them are solar powered while others just require cranking.

Multi-tool Knife

Be sure to have a multi-tool knife on hand as well. That way, no task will be too difficult and you should have most of the tools that you could possibly need.

Can Opener

If your multi-tool knife doesn’t come with a can opener, be sure to have one set aside also. That way you’re not having a difficult time providing canned food goods for your family.

Long Range Walkie Talkies

When cell phones are no longer an option, long-range walkie talkies can provide your family with the communication you need if you have to separate for whatever reason.

Thermal Blankets

Thermal blankets are another that you should consider keeping your family warm and dry by holding onto 90% of your body’s heat.

Duct Tape

You probably already know this, but duct tape is good for a lot of things. This multi-purpose tape can temporarily fix almost anything and can help construct a temporary shelter.


Trash Bags provide your family not only with sanitation, but can also be used to make a shelter to escape the elements.


You cannot go wrong by having a stash of every type of battery that you may need for communication, light, or another form of comfort.

Portable Water Filter

If your drinking water has been compromised, a portable water filter will help keep out most of the bacteria and germs that may be present.

Waterproof Matches

When you’re needing to start a fire, be sure to have waterproof matches with you.

Water Supply

We also recommend that you have a decent water supply stocked away beside the portable water filters. It’s recommended that you have enough water stored away for each of your family members to last for at least 3 days. Any more than that is smart thinking on your part.

Respirator Mask

You’ll also want to make sure that everyone in your family is provided with a respiratory mask that can keep them from breathing in any debris and other particles that may be in the air.

OTC Meds

Pain reliever and over the counter medicines that can calm your stomach or help bring relief to a cold are also smart to consider.

Packing and storing a first aid kit that includes everything that you would need for an emergency could be the difference between life and death. When an emergency takes place, the seconds after count the most. This is why your family needs to have a prepared first aid emergency kit tucked away ahead of time. What are some other items that would be crucial during an emergency?

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