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Mason Jar Fairy Lights

I am so in love with this simple Mason Jar Lid Fairy Lights craft! This is great for the holidays, but also ideal for year round! You can add the cute little fairy garden accents and add to a corner of your decor as a true fairy light, or you can add holiday decorations and add it to your mantle for Christmas. Have fun with this one making it personalized for your family and home!

Mason Jar Lid Fairy Lights

I love reusing something or upcycling an item when I craft. This idea is all about making a mason jar into a light, but then I realized I could make an even more rustic look just using the metal lid! Fairy lights are always fun, and so I wanted to make something I could use not just at the holidays, but year round. So, the moss and rocks make this easy to use any time of year, and the little mushrooms added show the “fairy” theme I love. All of this while still being great for Christmas decorations with the bright lights and rustic appeal!

Supplies Needed

  • Metal mason jar lids
  • Wire for hanging
  • Fake moss
  • Small rocks
  • Battery operated LED tealights
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Small fairy garden mushrooms or other holiday embellishments as desired

How to Make an Upcycled Mason Jar Lid Fairy Light

Begin by creating a small hole in each side of the mason jar lid. To make a hole, simply hammer a nail into each side of the lid for a total of two holes.

Take a piece of wire and tie each end into one of the holes. Simply wrap the wire to secure it to the lid.

Fill the inside of the mason jar lid with faux moss. Just create a thin layer for the votive to rest on.

Place the battery-operated votive (for safety reasons use only battery-operated candles for this project) on the moss.

Around the votive, add small embellishments such as the rocks and the fairy garden mushrooms.

If you are using this for Christmas, you’ll love these other great ideas for decorating or creating gifts for others this year. I love gifting homemade items and decorations to others, and this list is a great place to begin!

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