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Turkey Cheese Ball for Thanksgiving

I am in love with this Turkey Cheese Ball for Thanksgiving. It is the perfect and easy appetizer for your next holiday gathering. My family loves snacking! There is no better salty treat than a cheese ball.

I hope you enjoy this easy and creative recipe as much as we do. You can honestly use any cheese ball recipe that you want to create this Turkey Cheese Ball. Even a store bought one!

However, we love Aunt Pattie’s Cream Cheese Beef Ball. It is simple to prepare and tastes amazing!

Now to turn an ordinary Cheese Ball into a Turkey all you need are some pretzel sticks, a piece of candy corn and some google eyes. You can also use edible candy eyes if you have them on hand.

This cheeseball was made by my friend Krystal, and she didn’t have any candy eyes, and everyone was over the age of 10 so she knew it wouldn’t be a concern using googly eyes.

It was a hit at her Thanksgiving, and everyone loved it! Best of all you can easily make this gluten free!

I hope you enjoy this Turkey Cheese Ball idea! It is the perfect appetizer to enjoy before the big Turkey feast on Thanksgiving.

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