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Tips To Keep Long Distance Friendship Strong

Long Distance Friendship is something I have a lot of experience with already, but our upcoming move is going to make it different once again.  Since I am moving a few hours away from the home we have had for several years, there will be some friends that won’t be seeing us as often.  That’s why these Tips to Keep Long Distance Friendship Strong are a must.  These apply not just to adults, but also to children.

Long Distance Friendship is an amazing way to keep up with family and friends when you move to a new location. Check out our tips to build friendships for adults and kids!

Tips To Keep Long Distance Friendship Strong

You may be wondering how these fit into moving, home ownership, buying a house, etc.  The truth is, when you move, especially with a child, you leave treasured things behind.  Friendships are some of the most important things in life and moving away from close confidants is hard.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great long-distance friendship.  After years of living “away from home”, I am going back to an area that I already have friendships.  So, I am proof that long distance friendships are completely manageable.

Don’t neglect contact.  Keeping in touch regularly is a must.  For adults, it is easier to pick back up where you left off even years down the road.  For children, however, it is a different story. Kids will remember and care for their friends, but they can lose some of the close bonds when they aren’t in contact.  Make sure, as a parent, you are encouraging your child to continue reaching out to their friends.  If they are old enough for social media, that is a great method.  If not, phone calls, letters, emails, and even occasional visits are a must.

Plan visits when possible. Depending on the distance you live apart from each other, this can be tough to manage.  It is not impossible.  Even an annual or semi-annual trip to visit friends can be ideal for keeping in touch and keeping the long-distance friendship strong.  Adults enjoy a guy’s weekend or a girl’s weekend away.  Children can benefit from a weekend getaway as a family to the old stomping grounds.

Connect on social media. For older children and adults, this is the easiest way to stay in contact.  Facebook has become one of the most common social media platforms for connecting to those you don’t live near any longer.  As an adult, you can safely manage various social media accounts to connect with friends and family.  As a child, it is a bit different.  Be careful about your children connecting on Instagram, Snapchat, and similar applications that leave your child open to more strangers viewing their content.  Make sure you put safety standards in place and monitor as needed.

Don’t try to replace that friend.  Something many try to do is go out and find that new “BFF” to replace the ones left behind.  A long-distance friendship means you don’t replace a friend, but you add more friends to your network.  You may find you are closer and spend more time with a particular individual in each location, but you are not trying to replace them.  Simply adding to your network of “family”.  When your child is meeting new people and making new friends, remind them that it is not a replacement, but an addition to their other friends.

These tips are a must for keeping the long distance friendship strong after a move.  Focus on cultivating meaningful friendships that will stand the test of time and distance, and encourage your family to do the same.

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