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Teacher Appreciation Letter

This is an affordable idea for how to thank your children’s teacher. Write them a Teacher Appreciation Letter! When my son graduated from high school, I decided to write letters to ten of the teachers that impacted him most during his middle school/high school years.

Teacher Appreciation Letter:

I ordered teacher appreciation cards on amazon and sat down and poured my heart out into the letters. Over the course of my son’s middle school and high school years I had 10 teachers that really came to mind when I thought about how meaningfully they impacted my son.

I may have shed a few tears as I poured my heart out on these letters. When I was done, I realized it was actually good closure for me. I wanted to add a 100 Grand Candy Bar to each one but couldn’t find those, so I added a large Payday Candy Bar instead.

Out of the ten teachers that I sent those to I received 8 thank You’s back via email, in person or by text. WOW! That tells me how much they really appreciated the heartfelt words that I shared with them.

I would have loved to add a gift card, but it wasn’t in my budget. I think the cards were just fine as is and many mentioned to me how much they also enjoyed the candy bar too!

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