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St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Fruit Dip Idea

This idea for a St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Fruit Dip Idea is super fun!  It is a great edible arrangement for work or school parties to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Fruit Dip Idea that is sure to make your party a hit!

My friend Teresa recently made this to take to her work for a colleague. Everyone was raving about how neat it was and she said we could share the idea with you guys.  Be sure to try this for your next farewell or St. Patrick’s Day party! Best of all it a healthy idea too!

St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Fruit Dip Idea

Using half of a Styrofoam wreath you start by placing one end into a pot (which you can find at the dollar store).

Place the other end on a platter. Next you can start adding fruit and keeping them secure with toothpicks. Try to keep the fruit in order to resemble a rainbow as the fruit goes down. You can keep the end of the wreath secure by adding your favorite fruit dip. This is an easy and delicious fruit dip recipe that only takes 3 ingredients to prepare.

Once the dip has been prepared you can add “treasure” in the other pot using gold foiled candy (you can find some cheap at the dollar store).

Refer to the picture if you need assistance when completing this fun idea! It is really a creative idea and one that becomes a true focal point of your St. Patrick’s Day Party. Or if you are wishing someone good luck by hosting them a “going away” party.

This Rainbow Themed Fruit Dip Idea that is sure to make your party a hit!  Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, a rainbow themed party or anytime you want to wish someone luck!

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