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Shop Well Beginnings Infant Formula

Shop Well Beginnings Infant Formula exclusively at Walgreens. When you are expecting, friends and family are quick to offer their opinions on feeding methods, sleep schedules, and everything in between. Expecting mothers appreciate baby advice, but sometimes she simply needs the affirmation that she is making the wise choices for her baby. When I was waiting for Peyton to come home from Guatemala, I got so much advice that my head was literally swimming. I had literal strangers pressuring me to try to breast feed him to the point where they had me in tears.

Shop Well Beginnings Infant Formula exclusively at Walgreens.

Shop Well Beginnings Infant Formula exclusively at Walgreens:

Whether mom breastfeeds, bottle feeds, or supplements with formula we should support her for making the best decision for her baby and for mom too! It is important to empower expecting moms and make them feel secure in their choices. Regardless of if this is baby number one or baby number three, each baby is unique. Just because one breast fed well doesn’t mean the next baby will too. Even the most confident mother is open to reassurance and smart advice about giving her child a healthy and happy start from people she can trust. So, support mom and her choices!

My Hospital Moment

Twelve years ago, when Peyton came home from Guatemala, he was fed a well-known, nationally advertised “name brand” infant formula. My former students called this photo my “hospital moment” and I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more precious than the first moment you hold your baby and feed him. Peyton was 3 months old, and we were at the Marriott in Guatemala City but “this is my hospital moment”.

Once we arrived in the United States and we went to his first doctor appointment, we were handed a different “name brand” canister of infant formula. We asked our pediatrician if one formula brand was better than the other, and he explained to us that all formula brands meet the same FDA standards. Choosing an infant formula is a personal preference. All infant formulas sold in the United States provide complete nutrition for a baby’s first year. So, my 2nd question. What is the difference? Brand name recognition. WOW! All you are really paying for is the brand name on the canister. We decided to do some infant formula price and ingredient comparison before selecting a formula for Peyton.

My husband went Walgreens to purchase the formula. He inspected the labels and found the Store Brand Formula had the exact same ingredient list as the advertised brand we received from our pediatrician. My husband called me from the store and said, “The Store Brand Formula has the same exact ingredients and costs much less per container than the name brand”. I will never forget that day. I thought, well he is used to the brand he has been using BUT with the savings per container, that really adds up! So, we made the switch to the store brand and never looked back. It was a huge way for us to save on baby expenses. Well Beginnings, exclusively at Walgreens, is just as good and costs much less than brand-name formula.

Shop Well Beginnings Infant Formula exclusively at Walgreens

  • Well Beginnings Premium Infant Formula with Iron, 23.4oz  
  • Well Beginnings Advantage Milk Based Infant Formula with Iron, 23.2oz  
  • Well Beginnings Sensitivity Infant Formula, 22.5oz  
  • Well Beginnings Gentle Infant Formula with Iron, 22.1oz  

You may find that supplementing a nursing with baby formula is important to maintain a healthy weight if your milk isn’t producing enough.  This is NO concern.  Supplementing is something that many moms find themselves needing to do. You will get the same quality ingredients of name-brand formula for much less money with Well Beginnings at your local Walgreens.

It is important when you are feeding your newborn that you are bonding during feeding time.  Even if you are busy with multiple children take the time to have that special one on one bonding time.  In fact, I read several bonding books prior to picking Peyton up. One of the key factors is making sure that your baby knows who his primary caregiver is.  I didn’t allow anyone except my husband and myself to feed, bathe or diaper Peyton for the first three months after he came home.  Skin to skin contact is also important.  I would wear tank tops when I fed Peyton so he could feel my skin.  Once your baby is bonding you can allow your other kids to get involved in feeding the baby.

Just as we shared above in our comparison shopping you are getting more for less when you buy Well Beginnings vs. brand-name formulas.  You can often match in store coupons to the everyday low prices to save even more.  One great time-saving strategy is signing up for auto-reorder on walgreens.com.

Regardless of if you choose to breast feed, bottle feed or supplement the choice is yours and don’t let anyone pressure you or feel bad regardless of what you decide.  Shop Well Beginnings Infant Formula exclusively at Walgreens and feel confident in your choice for baby.

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Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.

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