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Save $1 OFF any AXE Personal Wash Product

Relax Your Mind. Find Your Magic. - Save $1 OFF any AXE Personal Wash Product

Save $1 OFF any AXE Personal Wash Product. Being yourself is infinitely cooler than being someone else. This is something that we stress with Peyton.  And the new scents from AXE aim to help the guy in your life find his center and start each day confidently.  Be sure to check out AXE Black Body Wash, which is available at Walgreens.

Axe Black Body Wash is a sophisticated new fragrance that relaxes the body and mind with the aroma of bergamot and frozen pear notes. This cool, understated and relaxing fragrance is part of the new, grown-up AXE…and he’ll love it.  In fact, my husband does!  I bought a bottle for him to try, and he loves the aroma.

Did you know that AXE Body Wash is the No. 1 male body wash brand in the world?  It is true!  At our house my boys call it “Man Soap”.  They love the scents that are available and when they found out about the new AXE Black Body Wash scent, they were excited!  It is a sophisticated offering with a relaxing fragrance for body and mind.  They immediately asked me to stockpile this new scent too!  

The shower is more than just a place to get clean. It’s a place to clear your head, open your mind and find the inspiration to become your most authentic self. Unwind in the shower by grabbing that bottle of AXE Black and allow yourself to explore the limitless possibilities.  AXE Black Body Wash is infused with bergamot and frozen pear notes, and finishing with the addictive warmth of patchouli, moss, cedar wood, and labdanum, new AXE Black Body Wash wraps you in a calming aroma that will put your body and mind at ease.  Peace and calming with a manly aroma.  

Savings Alert:  $1 off any AXE Personal Wash product Head on over to Walgreens to pick up AXE Black Body Wash. Right now, you can save $1.00 by clipping a coupon to your Balance Rewards card.

Here’s how:

Clip coupon to your card HERE.


2) Use your Walgreens mobile app.

Open your Walgreens app.

Click on the “Weekly Ad & Coupons” button.

Sign in with your Balance Rewards account.

Start clipping coupons to your Balance Rewards card for immediate savings!

*Excludes trial and travel sizes. Coupon available 4/1/16-4/31/16 while supplies last. Expires 6/24/16.

*Coupon available 4/1/16 – 4/31/16, Expires 6/24/16. Add paperless coupon to your Balance Rewards card online using Walgreens Mobile App or Walgreens.com/Coupons. Balance Rewards card required for promotional pricing. For terms and conditions, visit Walgreens.com/Balance.

We hope the men in your life enjoy the new relaxing fragrance for mind and body, Axe Black Body Wash available at Walgreens just like mine do!  Men often have a hard time relaxing but with AXE Black Body Wash you can help!  What I love is that the men in my life can use the AXE as both their body wash and fragrance with no need for additional cologne.  That is a winner! 

Disclosure:  This post sponsored by Lunchbox.  Opinions are 100% my own.

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