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Christmas Handprint Craft


Christmas Handprint Craft

How adorable is this Christmas Handprint Craft. If you are looking for the perfect activity for a Christmas Party or class project then look no further. I don’t know about you but my FAVORITE gifts always include my sons handrprint. It is something that I treasure forever and I honestly wish I had more of.

This craft is simple to create!  With supplies that you most likely already have on hand or that you pick up for very little money you can create a Christmas decoration that is also a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

Christmas Handprint Craft:


Green and Brown Tempera Paint

Black Marker

White Paper OR a White Canvas

To Make: 

Lay out a newspaper or drop cloth and wear old clothes when you make this. using paint cover the hand and foot and press down making sure to get all the fingers and toes. After that dries go back and create the sleigh and reindeer and decorate. Be sure to add your child’s name and the year.

We  hope you enjoy making this easy and fun craft that can be hung up in your home during the holidays and then kept as keepsake forever. Trust me when the little ones grow up you will want as many handprints as possible.


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