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Natural Remedy for Itchy Dog Ears

Check out this Natural Remedy for Itchy Dog Ears. My sweet schnauzers have often had red and itchy ears.  I was talking with my vet about it and she suggested to me an all natural remedy.

Natural Remedy for Itchy Dog Ears

Often times when dogs have flappy or folded ears, they will collect moisture in the folds and flaps of their ears.  It is difficult to get them dry. So for example after bath time, playing in the snow or going out in the rain or even on days with high humidity your dogs can get itchy ears.

The likely culprit is a yeast infection caused by the wet and dark climate. The remedy is easy and all natural!  Simply swab your dog’s ears with a cotton ball or Q-tip soaked in apple cider vinegar!  The vinegar wipes out the yeast and cures the infection.  Repeat until your pups’ ears return back to normal.

We have had this happen in the snow and the rain. My dogs love to play outside in the snow and we have to be careful, so they don’t end up with ear pain.

Natural Remedy for Itchy Dog Ears

If they don’t then be sure to see your vet for a prescription.  This tips works really well for our pups and I hope it helps yours too!

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