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Natural Cleaning Tips For Your Dog

Natural Cleaning Tips For Your Dog 2

Here are several Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Dog. Man’s best friend deserves the very best, and you know we love our dogs! Our dogs will love us back for all the extra effort we take to keep them healthy and happy. While there are plenty of natural products available as pet food and pet treats, we can always be skeptical of the ingredients used in them. Some tick and flea shampoos, contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful your dogs. Below are a few things to do that helps you go the extra mile to care for your dog and all their cleaning and grooming needs.

Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Dog

Natural Tick Relief

Ticks are your dog’s worst enemy. One way to keep fleas off your dog’s coat is by using some citrus oil. Rubbing your dog with lemon or orange essential oil will help keep those fleas at bay.  A natural repellent for fleas is also to rub geranium essential oil around your dog’s collar.

Homemade Dog Shampoo

A vinegar and baking soda mix with water, can’ make for a great bathing solution for your dog that is natural and takes care of those bad doggy odors. If you want to add a nice fragrance you could always add rosemary essential oil as a dog hair conditioner.

Clean Ears, Happy Doggy

It’s not a fun at all for your dog when his ears itch. It’s like us humans having an itch in a place on our back that we cannot reach. Again, vinegar comes to the rescue to help keep those shaggy ears clean. Equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water makes for a great ear cleaning solution. Some other remedies include olive oil, cod liver oil, witch hazel and tea tree essential oil

While all these cleaning techniques are natural, if your dog develops a condition that persists, do get in touch with your vet.

Disclosure:  We are not providing medical care for your pets.  Please seek a vet with medical questions.

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