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How to rid your garden from bunnies

How to rid your garden from bunnies


How to rid your garden from bunnies. This summer has been so much fun with our garden.  We have been watching it grow, watering it when needed, and organically trying to keep the pests away.

We have had so many tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers!  I made homemade marinara, fried zucchini, grilled zucchini and tonight I am planning to make our favorite, zucchini pie!

So far, we have not eaten any corn (as the birds have gotten to it before it was ready) but we have about 10-12 ears on.  Something or should I say Some-Bunny damaged my squash…We have tons more tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers on the vines, and we still have to harvest our potatoes too!

How to rid your garden from bunnies

In regard to the bunnies, I did a little research and I am going to try this tonight:

Gather the following:

  • A good quality spray bottle (because you will be spraying a quart of liquid each evening, you’ll want to invest in a commercial spray bottle from the hardware store. They cost around $4 dollars.)
  • A large bottle of Tabasco sauce from the grocery store (it doesn’t have to be an expensive brand name, but buy the hottest, cheapest Tabasco you can find!)
  • An empty gallon water or milk container.
  • A gallon of warm water.

Mix 1 Tablespoon of Tabasco in one gallon of water and shake well.

  • This will give you 4 quarts of what I call ‘Bad Bunny’ spray. In fact, label your gallon of mixed solution clearly so no one gets a surprise – this stuff is HOT, even at a Tablespoon per gallon dilution!

Spray in early evening before the rabbits arrive to feed.

  • Spray the entire grass area around your garden, especially any area where you’ve seen them enter your garden area (they tend to be creatures of habit. If you let the grass grow a little higher, they’ll stop and feed before entering your garden.

Bunnies do NOT like the taste of hot pepper on their breakfast! They run away from the area, and if you spray over several evenings (especially important if rain or dew has washed away the spray) you will discourage them from returning.

Do you have bunny problems?  I would love to know what you are doing organically/naturally to rid your garden of pests!

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  1. Human hair will also keep them away from your garden. Go to the local barber shop and ask them to keep a grocery bag full for you. All you do is sprinkle/spread it around the perimeter of your garden and they will not enter. It also helps with squirrels, those little bugger’s love my strawberry patch, but I fooled them.

    Good luck and we love your blog.

    Thank you

  2. I really have big bunny problems! I always see those bunnies getting contact with my tomatoes and beans! And by the way, that tomato really looks tasty! Thanks for posting this one. More please!

  3. I totally agree with Teresa. Human hair is really effective for staying away bunnies and squirrels. I also do this and now my plants are safe from intruders. Lol. It is also a great idea to make some spray for them.

  4. That really looks yummy tomatoes of yours. I wished that my tomatoes are like yours big and reddish. I also have problems with intruders like deers and goats. That’s why I decided to have a tall fence for my garden and it really help a lot.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I really have a big problem of rabbits. I don’t want to spray something chemical in my plants so I don’t what to do. This one will really help. Thanks a lot!

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