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Marriott and Nickelodeon Your Stay

Marriott and Nickelodeon Your Stay

Marriott and Nickelodeon Your Stay. We were asked to review the “Nickelodeon Your Stay” program offered starting July 1st at nearly 2,000 hotels with the Marriott brand.

Marriott and Nickelodeon Your Stay:

Nickelodeon Marriott sent us a sample activity bag which included a splash ball, sunglasses, 3D build your own SpongeBob, a Nickelodeon bracelet, SpongeBob and Patrick Pillowcase, SpongeBob Ready-To-Read Book, and a Dora the Explorer activity book.  My 4-year-old and 12-year-old neighbor reviewed the package.

The activity bag itself is a great way to carry all the loot around.  It is a string bag and has Sponge Bob on it.  It will also make for a great pool bag for my little ones.

Marriott and Nickelodeon Your Stay

Of course, the sunglasses were cool.  What kid does not like sunglasses?  The boys pulled all of the “loot” out of the bag and got to work.  My four-year-old was more interested in the book and activity book then the 3D SpongeBob.  He looked through the book while the 12-year-old worked on the SpongeBob 3D.

I have to admit the 3D SpongeBob was not easy to put together but was a great concept.  The pieces were hard to fit together and did not hold very well.  He lost interest and so I tried to put it together.  I ended up taping it together.  My four-year-old worked on the activity book and really enjoyed it.  He did need help but really was interested.  It was a very fun activity to do together.

Marriott and Nickelodeon Your Stay

The boys were really excited about who was going to sleep on the pillowcase.  We found a pillow and the 11-year-old put the case on and then the battle started.  Well, my four-year-old won that battle!  He was so excited about the pillowcase and begged to sleep on it at nap time.

Marriott and Nickelodeon Your Stay

“Camp SpongeBob” was an awesome book about SpongeBob and the gang directing a Summer Camp.  The boys really enjoyed reading it.  They read it together and we read it again at nap time.

All kids get free activities including a Nickelodeon bracelet with a code to access free online games at Nick.com, and an activity book with challenging puzzles and mazes.  Kids who eat at the hotels’ restaurants also receive a placemat featuring favorite Nickelodeon characters, SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer.

To further the experience, Marriott and Nickelodeon also offer an upgrade package at several of Marriott’s brands locations for $10 that includes all the free items plus a SpongeBob activity bag and splash ball, Nickelodeon sunglasses, and a 3-D build-your-own SpongeBob craft.

The package costs $20 at Marriott and JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts and kids get all the above items and a special SpongeBob SquarePants or Dora the Explorer pillowcase and storybook.  Visit nickelodeonyourstay.com for more information on the promotion and to start booking.  This site also has free, downloadable, Nickelodeon themed travel games under the free goodies section, including a travel journal, travel bingo and coloring sheets.

I give the Nickelodeon and Marriott Activity Bag a thumbs up!  My boys really enjoyed it and it kept them occupied for quite a while.  We have been wanting to visit Nickelodeon Marriott and plan to in the future.

Thanks Nickelodeon Marriott for the opportunity to review your activity bag.

Disclosure:  I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Marriott and received a Nickelodeon gift pack to facilitate my candid review.

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  1. We recently stayed at a Marriott and even though we did the Nick Your Stay package, my children did not get anything but a cardboard cut out, a cheap orange Nickelodeon bracelet and plastic cups at breakfast. They told us they ran out of the promo items.
    Our finances are tight, we thought this would be a cute overnight stay at a local hotel and the kids were disappointed. We were very upset.
    I’m hoping they rectify the situation and mail each of my kids one of these bags.

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