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Is your cell phone protected?


Is your cell phone protected? Have you ever lost or damaged your cell phone?  If you have dropped it in water, I am sure you tried to save it in a bowl of rice.  9 times of out 10 that method doesn’t work.

Is your cell phone protected?

Years ago, my niece was learning to swim, and she accidentally fell into the deep end of my parents’ pool.  My husband had just walked into the back yard when it happened.  His response – jump into the pool to save her.  He of course was fully dressed – with his cell phone in his pocket.  The good news.  My niece starting treading water and then began swimming safely to the side.  The bad news, my husband’s phone was soaked.  What is funny is we all began cheering her on (including him from the pool).  After he got out, he realized his phone was in his pocket.  He tried the rice trick with no luck.  $400+ dollars later he replaced his phone.

I am sure that many of you are giving expensive cell phones for Christmas gifts, and I suggest that you buy insurance when you buy new phones as gifts.  Replacing your holiday gift can be time consuming and expensive, with the average retail price of a smartphone being $485.  As a Savvy Shopper investing in insurance is a smart decision.  If you are giving an expensive phone to a teen or adult, I would suggest purchasing insurance for sure.

In fact, I have insurance on my phone.  Insurance is a convenient way to replace your damaged, lost or stolen phone, with a customer service representative available 24/7 online or by phone and replacement devices shipped right to your door, usually the next business day.  If you are like me, you can’t survive without your Smart Phone for a day!  You don’t want to be without it for a minute.

Purchasing cellphone insurance will save you hundreds of dollars on a replacement device and reconnects you quickly to friends, family, coworkers and shopping apps during the holiday season.  When traveling for sure you don’t want to be without your phone.  For two decades, Asurion.com has led the technology protection industry around the globe. Asurion provides premier support solutions to enable optimum use of technology.  They provide digital applications to protect privacy and provide security.  They provide rapid replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning devices.  That is really important to me in choosing a provider!

Asurion partners with the leading wireless companies, retailers and service providers enabling them to focus on their businesses and to provide services that make their customers happy. Asurion’s 14,000+ employees worldwide specialize in fulfilling the needs of more than 280 million consumers. For more information about Asurion, including customer service ratings and reviews that help drive continuous improvement, please visit www.asurion.com.

Now that my husband had to learn his lesson the hard way now, we always carry insurance on our Smart Phones.  It is the best decision when you invest your money and purchase an expensive phone.  You do need to purchase your insurance when you purchase your phone so that you are covered in case of loss or damage.  Be sure to make the Savvy decision to protect yourself in the end.  Just like auto insurance in my opinion cell phone insurance is important.  Much better than a bowl of rice.

Disclosure:  This blog post is part of a paid Social Moms and Asurion blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


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