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Father’s Day Breakfast and Gift Ideas

Bratfest in Bed for Father's Day - Father's Day Breakfast and Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Breakfast and Gift Ideas. Father’s Day is right around the corner – in fact it is THIS Sunday! We have a simple “brat-fast” in bed idea that is going to be perfect for Dad! When we think of a breakfast in bed idea for dear old Dad we need to think MANLY! What better to serve Dad then a Brat! My husband LOVES a leftover Brat from the grill served with his eggs the next morning. In fact, we grill a few extra on the weekend so that we can enjoy them served with eggs for a spicy breakfast treat that we all enjoy.

Father's Day Breakfast and Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Breakfast and Gift Ideas:

It is easy to spoil Dad with a “Bratfast” in bed this year! Just serve up two juicy Johnsonville Brats, Scrambled Eggs and Hashbrowns and you are going to have a very happy Dad. Add the remote control, newspaper and glass of orange juice and you have the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

Some recipes that are perfect for Father’s Day Breakfast:

Easy Homemade Doughnuts – no fail!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Cinnamon French Toast

Easy Scrambled Eggs

Applewood Julep – our favorite

Cheesy Hashbrowns

We decided to surprise my husband with an early “bratfast” in bed and my son had so much fun with it!  We did a quick video to show how much fun it can be and how easy it can be too!  Memories that with last a lifetime!

In addition to breakfast in bed my son also wanted to create a special one of a kind gift for his Dad.  He decided to make a DIY Sharpie Marker Mug for his Dad.  He designed it himself and did a #1 Dad on the front and a Tennessee theme on the back! 🙂  He loved creating this for his Dad and his Dad loved it too!  Follow these directions for how to make a DIY Sharpie Mug.

DIY Sharpie Marker Mug for Dad is the perfect Father's Day Gift!

We also have a list of additional Inexpensive Father’s Day Gift Ideas that you may enjoy making for Dad!

Inexpensive DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Johnsonville however all opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. Because I live abroad, I got confused and wished my step-father a “Happy Father’s Day” last week. He was tickled as ever. I wish I could be there to share a big breakfast like this. We’d throw those Brats on the grill and enjoy a slamming breakfast.

  2. That breakfast or “brat-fast” looks really good! I am also loving those gift ideas. Especially the drawing/painting <3

  3. Very cool Father’s day gift idea. There are a lot of expensive gift ideas but I am very pleased to see someone posting about the simplicity and the personalized emotion of Father’s day! I love your ideas my husband would love anything personally made.

  4. I love the idea of a bratsfest! My husband would love that, Johnsville always has great products. All of these are great ideas for home made Father’s day gifts, I prefer those over store bought gift ideas.

  5. I remember last Father’s Day my kids had surprised to me, they are cooked breakfast for me and wife. I’m so happy that time and feel like I’m so blessed. I’m sure I feel what you feels now.

  6. What great ideas! I really like that your son was so involved in the process of making and giving the gifts. I think it means so much more when there is that handmade or personal touch and not just a store bought card. Happy Father’s Day to your family!

  7. Aww, this is such a cute idea and fun way for kids to bond with dad on Father’s Day! I love all your inexpensive and easy Father’s Day gift ideas too. The Sharpie Mug is super simple yet adorable. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. I think the smiles say it all and what a great way to celebrate Father’s Day! I always think fathers should be appreciated every day! I could not take my eyes off the Brats too! It is not a brand I am aware of, so will be checking them out more soon!

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