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Instant Pot Set Up

Did you get an Instant Pot for Christmas or thinking of getting one? Here is a simple version of the Instant Pot Set Up, because frankly the manual is a bit confusing.

Instant Pot Set Up

It is confusing to me and I am a faithful “read the manual kind of person”. But I must admit that as much as I wanted the Instant Pot I was a bit overwhelmed with the how to use it.  I was also a little scared because it is a programmable electric pressure cooker.  So here is how I simply got my Instant Pot Set Up and going for use.

Instant Pot Set Up

Instant Pot Set Up:

Start by opening the box and pulling everything out.  If you’re a must read the manual person like me, this may be hard. But save yourself some anxiety and set it aside. Be sure to remove the Styrofoam packaging around the lid. Carefully lift your Instant Pot out of the box.

Remove all the plastic wrapping around the pot and discard.

Turn the lid counter-clockwise and remove the lid (there are arrows to guide you on the lid). Inside your pot, you’ll find a bunch of handy tools, two cups, and your electric plug, which we’ll get to later. Be sure to remove the plastic around the stainless steel metal insert/bowl.

Set the paddles, spoon and steamer to the side to be washed.

Now attach the condensation cup if your model has it. Snap it into the back. You will see where it goes and it does fit. Just push hard.

Insert the Power Cord and plug in. On the top of your lid you’ll find a giant black weighted knob that swivels back and forth to indicate sealing (closed) or venting (open). This is one of the most important parts of your Instant Pot. Make sure that knob is fully attached and pushed down all the way.

Inside your lid, you’ll find a rubber ring called a sealing ring. You will need to remove this rubber sealing ring and wash it each time you cook. Each time you cook, you should remove it to make sure it is intact and free of debris.

Now you will need to run a Steam Test and then your Instant Pot is ready to go.

So here’s how to do the Steam Test:

  • Plug your Instant Pot into the outlet. It will beep once and say OFF.
  • Fill your stainless steel bowl with water to the 3L line. If you want to speed up this process, use HOT water.
  • Check the sealing ring to make sure it is attached.
  • Attach the lid. You’ll know it’s attached properly when you hear beeps.
  • Move the sealing valve to “sealing” (toward the back).
  • Press the STEAM button. It should light up.
  • You’ll see two buttons [ – and + ]. Push the [-] button until your display reads 2. This stands for 2 minutes.

You are now ready to make recipes!

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful this post is! I was afraid to even try the pot! Didn’t want to blow the house down!! I’ll take this with me into the kitchen & practice using it. Again, thanks!

  2. I just got the Instant Pot too & it is somewhat intimidating!! Looking forward to the recipes & just being guided through some use of it!!

  3. This pot has safety features and you can comfortable having this into your home.This is one item that is one of my favorites in the kitchen,It takes care of many items quickly and easily. Easy to operate too. Enjoy.

  4. I got the instant for my birthday and mothers day, which is 2 weeks apart, I am still in the learning process, have made quite a few meals. I just did your turkey noodle soup recipe, and it was delicious.

    1. I received the instant pot for my birthday and mothers day, which is 2 weeks apart.. I did the turkey noodle soup today, and it was delicious. Thank you,

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