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Ideas for Fall Fun With The Family

Fall is in the air.  There is nothing I love better!  Slipping on a pair of jeans, my cowboy boots and a hoodie and I am ready for fall fun activities with the family.  Each year we like to create a bucket list of activities to complete by the end of the fall season. There is no better time to bond with your kids than in the beautiful cool fall months.  From going out on nature walks to building bonfires fall fun with the family is where some of our best memories are made.  We have a list of Ideas for Fall Fun with The Family with activities that you can share together.  For many of these activities driving our Onward makes it even more fun!

Fall Fun with Family!

As you know we shared with you that we recently acquired an Onward 4 passenger golf cart for our family.   During Fall break Peyton and I decided to go out and do some exploring on our Onward.  We drove it to the creek to collect leaves, walk in the creek and skip rocks and then we delivered pumpkins to my parents.  We also did some fall seeding and the Onward was the perfect vehicle to help us carry our supplies.  Finally, no fall break is complete without soccer!  All of Peyton’s favorites in a week.  He was a happy boy.

Fall Fun With The Family

One of the benefits to moving to Berea, KY is that my parents’ house is literally 2,000 steps away from our house (through the golf course).  So, we can hop onto our onward and go visit my parents easily.  We don’t even have to drive on the main roads because we can cut through the golf course.  We love being so close and connected to my family. My hubby found using the Onward to help with seeding was very useful.  He laid down the back seat and used it to carry heavy supplies from the front of the house to the back and was able to do his yard work with ease.  We even carried our fall mums and pumpkins too.

Taking the Onward out for fall fun really made our time together even more special.  My son always wants to go with me (and I mean he is almost a teenager) when I ask him to go somewhere on the Onward.  During his fall break I thought it would be fun to head over to the creek.  He loves to go there, and we decided to take our dog Rocky too. The one-on-one time together was a great way to connect.

Onward Storage - Rear Truck (Locking)

We wore our rain boots because as the temperatures are getting cooler, we didn’t want to get chilly.  With the storage that our Onward has we were able to stow our boots until we arrived at the creek.  We decided to take a snack with us and enjoy a little picnic too.   It was loads of fun.  He really didn’t want to leave which means we will be going back again soon.

Fall Creek Fun

Best of all this activity cost us nothing but created memories that will last us a lifetime. The ease of driving the Onward to the creek made the adventure more memorable!  We could have easily driven to the trail in our van but instead we took the Onward off road and had a blast.  It handled great and it was a new adventure for us.

Delivering Pumpkins In Style!

After our time at the creek, we decided to deliver pumpkins to my parents’ house.  My Mom was thrilled to see us and enjoyed the pumpkins that we delivered. They make the perfect addition to her fall decor. Best of all we were able to deliver them in style. Our “bat mobile” to the rescue once again.  What I love most is that the Onward is comfortable and handles well, even on rough terrain.  My brother and Dad were at home too, so we got a few shots of the family.

Onward - Delivering Pumpkins In Style

Right now, is a great time to spend to spend time with your family.  We have some ideas that you may want to use to create your own Fall Fun Bucket List!  Of course, riding in the Onward always makes these twice as fun!

Ideas for Fall Fun with The Family:

Some great ideas for fall fun with the family include:

  • Building a mountain of leaves in your yard to jump into
  • Going for a nature walk to find hidden animal homes and caves
  • Go deer hunting with a bow & arrow
  • Attend local high school or college football games and wear team colors
  • Build a backyard bonfire to roast marshmallows & hot dogs
  • Go camping at a local state park and pick out the constellations once the sun goes down
  • Take family photographs for your holiday card mailing list
  • Host a neighborhood party with board games, bonfires and great food
  • Go to a local orchard and pick apples
  • Gather different fallen leaves and make leaf rubbings for a simple craft project
  • Visit a pumpkin patch or corn maze
  • Purchase or make your own Halloween costumes
  • Make candy corn fruit cups

Shooting Soccer Goals

Another place my son loves to take the Onward is to the soccer field.  He likes to go to the school fields and shoot on goal and practice his distance of his shots.  They love how the chairs stow away in the golf bag holders and headed down to the fields and spent several hours practicing.  There is nothing better than arriving to game day on the “bat mobile”.

We hope you enjoy Fall!  It is one of our favorite seasons here in KY.  We love to watch the leaves change and fall, the cooler temperatures arrive, and we enjoy pumpkin, pumpkin everything! There is nothing better than Fall Y’all!  Tell us what do you like to do with your family during Fall?  Do you have any traditions?  We have a new one and that is taking the Onward wherever we go 🙂

Disclosure:  We received The Onward™ by Club Car for personal use.  All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. We have already been to the corn maze and hiking. We’ve been hiking several times, actually! Fall is my favorite family time because we can get outside and the weather is cooler.

  2. This time of the year is so much fun. The fashion, the events, the activities and the food plus the amazing fall weather makes it my favorite season. We went to the pumpkin patch twice already! ha! Next on our list is a corn maze!

  3. Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. There is so much to do and see, but the weather makes it all bearable. I totally have to check out a pumpkin patch trip, I think mine is way past due!

  4. I love this list! We do a lot of hiking in the fall, and plenty of apple picking. We come home and make apple pie filling, apple butter and applesauce together, which is a tradition in its own right I guess. It’s my favorite time of year for family activities! The Onward looks pretty darn cool – I bet my kids would run errands more often with me if we had one too!

  5. I want one!!! Looks like a fun ride. My kids would love it for sure!

    I remember when I was younger, collecting leaves in the fall. I still love all the different colors you can find in the leaves!

  6. I love the fall, it’s definitely my favorite season! The colors, the flavors, the crispness in the air- what’s not to love? That Onward is really neat! I could totally use one for driving around my development!

  7. It’s so nice to have an Onward so you can drive conveniently to nearby places. Is it easy to drive and manipulate? These are great ideas to have fun with the family. I like to try picking apples.

  8. What fun ideas! I love fall… I wish we had more of it here in Texas. I loved raking leaves for the kids to jump in. Great pictures! Keep making those memories, they grow up so fast

  9. I’ve never gathered leaves and jumped into it. That sounds like so much fun! And my husband is English so he doesn’t do the picture on holiday cards thing He says it’s very American but I think we will do so this year. It’s on my checklist of things to do!

  10. Thanks for sharing this. We move to a city where golf carts are widely used.. coz of all the golf courts around us. Even our garage has a door just for golf carts and when we were at the park to play in the playground with the girls, a family ate their dinner (picnic style) and drove there using their golf cart and I thought how fun is that. Gonna look into this brand. Thanks for sharing again. Oh, a bonus is my daughter wants to start learning how to play golf and we have a golf cart parade here this weekend. LOL

  11. I love fall weather and the clothes. Growing up, we did not have any particular fall traditions that we did. The Onward looks like a lot of fun to ride. I definitely like the idea about gathering leaves and jumping into them but I may have to wait until next year as we’ve gotten a few snowy days here in Alaska already.

  12. Your story is amazing!! Fall is my favorite season!! My family tradition is making pumpkin pies and getting taffy apples for my kids for Halloween. We love making our home made Halloween costumes. I love picking the pumpkins out of my garden too.

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