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How to Use Dollar General Coupons

I’ve got some fun and unique tips this year for How to Use Dollar General Coupons to Save at Christmas. Are you wondering how to pay for Christmas when your budget is tight? We have shared in the past about how we love using Dollar General for the great coupons and savings on household supplies, but there are so many great ways you can use this popular store to make Christmas gifting easier to manage.

How to Use Dollar General Coupons to Save at Christmas

When you need to get creative with giving gifts, there is truly no better place than Dollar General. Even a super small budget can go a long way at Dollar General allowing you to save tons of money while still giving your friends and family something unique and special during the holidays.

Tip: Check out our Dollar General Coupon Policy post for more tips on using in-store coupons.

Use the $5 off $25 weekly coupon

The best coupon available at Dollar General is the weekly coupon that is good on one single day for $5 off of a $25 purchase. This combined with other coupons and sale prices helps bring your out of pocket amount down significantly. I’ve even managed to buy over $100 in products for only $25 using this coupon, stacking manufacturer coupons with DG coupons, and sale prices.

Use candy and snacks to create teacher gifts

Candy and snack foods are often on sale at Dollar General. Combining sale prices with manufacturer or store coupons will save you a ton of money. Add that into the basket to then use the $5 off weekly coupon makes those dollars stretch even farther.

You can pick up gift bags or small baskets and buckets inexpensively at the dollar store. Fill those with a variety of candy and snacks and a note from your child. This makes a great small but thoughtful holiday gift that stays in budget while also being a nice treat for their teacher.

Create household gift baskets with coupon items

While many think that gifting household supplies is tacky, I think it is brilliant! There are many people in my friends and family circle that would love to not have to worry about things like laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, paper towels, sponges, or even toilet paper for a few months. If you pick them up at a good price on sale using coupons, you can grab a laundry basket and fill it up to gift.

This is a perfect gift for college students, newlyweds, or that family you know struggles to make ends meet.

Use coupons on baking supplies to help pay for homemade candy and treats

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to make homemade treats. Fudge, cookies, snacks, and candies are tons of fun to create, and everyone loves seeing them on a platter in the break room at work. This is a great way to use Dollar General to really make your money go further during holiday spending. Stock up on those baking and candy making supplies when they are on sale, then use coupons to get an even better price.

Check out my favorite fudge recipes:

More Christmas Savings Tips

As the holiday season approaches, it is never too soon to start shopping. Take a moment to walk through the store and check out what items they have on hand that might fit your holiday shopping needs. Watch sales flyers for discounts each week. Grab what works for your list, and always know that it isn’t how much you spend, but the thought that counts.

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