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How to re-purpose a chair

If you love turning junk into treasure then you are going to love this easy DIY project for how to re-purpose a chair. This is a great way to re-purpose a broken or old chair. If you are like me and you enjoy upcycling or recycling furniture then you are going to love this project. My friend Julia created this front porch design for less than $20. That was simply the cost for her flowers. She had everything else on hand.

How to re-purpose a chair:

All you need for this project is a chair, some spray paint and a few other supplies. She used a cricut to create her welcome sign but if you don’t have one and don’t want to purchase one you could easily pick up an inexpensive welcome sign to add to your chair.

She started out by removing the cushion to the chair. That was easy to do as it was already broken down.


Then she put down some cardboard to protect her driveway. You could easily paint in the grass too. She spray painted her chair and container she was using to plant her flowers in. She chose a basic black.

Then she used her cricut to design a template for her welcome sign. She used some white paint to complete the sign.on a piece of leftover kitchen tile that she had. You could also use wood.

Then she attached the sign to the chair. She chose to attach it on the back of the chair so it would be easy to see. How cute!

Finally she potted the flowers into the container and placed that into the chair bottom.  She placed that onto her porch and now she has the cutest welcome chair that anyone has seen. She easily bumped up the curb appeal on her house and reused an old chair and gave it new life. You might like these 7 Gardening Hacks for the Lazy Landscaper too.

I love that she spent less than twenty dollars total for this project and gave new life to her beloved chair. Otherwise it would have gone to garbage and she could have easily spent $50 decorating her porch. Check out this easy way to re-purpose a chair. It makes a great welcome to your porch.


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