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The Perfect Teacher’s Gift

The Perfect Teacher's Gift

If you are looking for the perfect teacher’s gift, then look no further!  We have something that is sure to make your children’s teacher smile!  This gift is so easy to create too and doesn’t cost a fortune. Best of all it will make your kids teachers feel appreciated.

The Perfect Teacher’s Gift

Simply pick up an insulated cup with lid and straw from your local store.  We picked ours up on clearance at Kroger for only $4.97!  Next, we purchased a lip balm and nail polish while we there and added those to the cup.  Finally, we picked up a $25 Gift Card (you could easily do a $5 or $10 Starbucks or Target Gift Card).  Add everything inside and have your child make a lovely card and you have a gift that the teacher will love to receive and that you know will use!

We purchased the gift card during the Kroger 4X Fuel Rewards too!  It is a great time to stockpile gift cards that you will use and that you can give as gifts!

We hope you enjoy this perfect teacher’s gift.  You can use any gift card that you think the teacher will enjoy!  Be sure to use a coupon on the nail polish and lip balm if possible!

The Perfect Teacher's Gift

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