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How To Make Your Own Freezer Pancakes

How To Make Your Own Freezer Pancakes - Freezer Cooking Breakfast Hack

How To Make Your Own Freezer Pancakes

I love to take a day each week and freezer cook.  For me it is generally Saturday. On the top on my list are pancakes. I don’t like to buy frozen pancakes at the store I much prefer making my own. Why? Because I can determine what goes in them. Like for example I can use whole wheat flour, gluten free flour, add canned pumpkin, chia seeds or flax seeds just to name a few of my secret ingredients 🙂

You can also use a box mix and then stir in (Dr. up) what you would like to add.  This is a great way to save money from your budget because by making your own pancakes versus buying them already frozen at the store it is far less expensive.  I always like to make a few “Mickey Mouse” Pancakes and “P” pancakes for those special days when I need them.  It is little things like special pancakes that put a smile on Peyton’s face in the morning.   Plus it gives me an excuse to be a kid again!

To prepare freezer pancakes simply find your favorite recipe (or box mix that you Dr up). and then simply double, triple or quadruple your batch.   Then be sure that the pancakes are completely cool, then flash freeze the pancakes and finally place the pancakes into a freezer safe container I use a plastic freezer safe container or gallon size zip loc bag.  Be sure to date them before placing into the freezer.  When it come time to eat you can either thaw on the counter or in the fridge or microwave them from the frozen state. It is that simple!

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  1. Totally did this when my son was growing up. Add to that the ice cube trays I filled with with homemade puréed baby foods…fond memories of being a freezer fanatic! From Working Mom Survivor

  2. My mom always did this when I was growing up with both pancakes and french toast. She’d make enough on the weekend to last us through the week. She would save the bags from bread and stack the pancakes just like the bread was. Very convenient!

  3. I’m so sorry, I’m sure this is mentioned somewhere. The pancakes are frozen, you want to make them the next week. Do I just pop them in the microwave?

    1. Yes you do. I normally do 30 seconds, flip and 30 more seconds (don’t over heat though or they get rubbery).

    2. Yay! Thanks Debrac for the question, I’m in college and not the most amazing cook ever so I was wondering the same thing 😀 haha!

  4. Hi young folks!! I’m old and know a little something! Start thinking of your evening meals as well! Especially if you ladies are working too. Unfortunately I had all the roles of mom and dad! That’s the way it is sometimes. If you have a favorite Beef Stew recipe, it freezes real well! It will save on waste and getting tired of eating it every night! Also you’ll save time. Teach the kids how to microwave those McDonald’s breakfast! A hint for you to think about. Sausage biscuits, breakfast sandwiches. Leave the wrapper on and flash freeze then put in gallon or quart freezer bags! Search on line. My mom always told me never put cardboard, or likepaper in freezer because it will change the flavor of your food! I think those wrappers would be fine in zip lock. One more hint that has nothing to do with food. For sunburn. Place container of Nozema in zip lock and freeze. Remove when frozen stir it well. Why well? Frozen chunks will have ice in it, and that can cut the skin. Stir well! Here’s to your future ?! Thanks kindly, Becky

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