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How To Make a Vintage Button Ring

How To Make a Vintage Button Ring

I love this DIY Vintage Button Ring.  You are probably wondering How To Make a Vintage Button Ring? You can turn any antique button into an heirloom piece of jewelry in minutes. This is a fun project to do with kids or to give as a gift.  Another option is to use a pin back and turn your button into a brooch!

How to make a Vintage Button Ring:


  • Ring base (I’ve had these for several years, I purchased them from a jeweler wholesale company called Rings & Things and I had to order about 144 of them, but I’m sure a quick Google search will help you find something more reasonable) – they are also available at local craft stores
  • Buttons
  • 2-part epoxy or other super strong glue
  • Find a combination of 2 or 3 buttons to stack on top of each other
  • Mix your two part epoxy and glue the buttons together
  •  Glue your button combo to the ring base

How To Make a Vintage Button Ring

  • Let dry overnight
  • Rock your awesome new button bauble!

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