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How to make a flower pen

How to make a flower pen

I love this how to make a flower pen project!  I love flower pens! When I taught high school I loved using flower pens because they would be less likely to “walk away” without permission plus it was like having a vase of flowers on my desk. You could make a dozen of these and place in a mason jar with a ribbon and give them as a teacher’s gift or to anyone who has a desk job.  It would be the perfect gift for teacher appreciation or for administrative assistant day.

How to make a flower pen


How to make a flower pen:

To make a flower pen simply remove the plastic pen end and place about an inch of florist tape around the top.  Then stick a flower stem inside the hole.  Just snip the flower off with about 2 inches of wire stem with a pair of wire cutters or florist wire cutters. It holds in the flower easy peasy!  When the ink pen runs out of ink you can remove your flowers and refill with fresh pens.  This is great to match with a Bic Pen.  We often get them for free or near free.  You can pick up inexpensive flowers at Michael’s with a coupon or even the Dollar Store.

Stockpile ink pens at back-to-school time when on sale and use for gift giving later.  Simply fill up an empty Mason Jar or even an empty pasta sauce jar and tie some raffia at the top. There you go with an easy gift idea that can be used over again and again.

This would be perfect for a wedding.  You could make these with the colors of the wedding and use them for signing in guests at the guest book.  Instead of a traditional book use a mat so that the bride and groom can frame a picture from their wedding day.

I hope you enjoy this easy DIY flower ink pen.  It is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to make a gift that someone will enjoy.  Why not make up a bunch and take them the local hospital for nurses to use or to your kids school secretary.  I hope you enjoy this simple idea as much as we do.  It is fun way to spread cheer without breaking the budget.

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