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How to freeze zucchini

Can you freeze zucchini?  Yes, you can!  I am often asked how to freeze zucchini. The truth is that zucchini does not freeze really well. It is a water based plant so when it is frozen and then thawed it become “mushy” and looses its original form.

How to freeze zucchini so it isn't mushy!

I have frozen it in slices as well as cubes and then sauteed or grilled it but you can tell that it has been frozen and is not “company” worthy in my opinion.

What works best is to shred your zucchini and then prepare it for freezing. I have had the best results in this form.  This is perfect for making Zucchini Bread or Zucchini Fritters.  I freeze mine this way.

How to freeze zucchini so it isn't mushy!

I suggest shredding it (with a stand mixer or food processor for ease) and then drain all liquid from the shredded zucchini in a colander. Next use paper towels to pat the shredded zucchini until there is no water coming out. I like to lay paper towels on the counter and spread my shredded zucchini out on top using paper towels to press and press until it is dry (or as dry as it will get). Then I personally like to measure mine in 1 cup amounts and freeze.  After it is “dry” I place it into freezer safe containers and label and place into the freezer.

How to freeze zucchini so it isn't mushy

Be sure to label and date. If you are using zip loc bags lay them flat to save room in your freezer. If you are using a food saver be sure to flash freeze your zucchini first.  I also like to make zucchini bread and freeze it too!  You can thaw the shredded zucchini and use it as you normally would in recipes all winter long.  I thaw mine in the refrigerator and then drain any liquid the same process as above.

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